Yes, what is word magic? Let's start of with the word "rights". Then we can season it with some "freedom". Most often the word "right" within the context of the legal boardgame means liability.

  Think of the word "right" as a label. Within our society people are conditioned by labels. There are many reasons why people like labels. Manly out of laziness. How? A dealer ship is selling a "certified used car". Saves the potential customer the time to examine the vehicle himself/herself. Do we really trust labels? Of course not.

  My favorite example is as follows: A man takes an empty soda can, fills it with, say vodka, and walks past a police officer standing on the street corner. What will happen? Nothing. The officer sees the can of soda and judges the book by its cover. Yet, if the same man fills an empty bottle of vodka with plain water and repeats the experiment, what do you thing the officer would do? The man would be immediately stopped.

  What does this have to do with the Acknowledgment Of Paternity form? Everything and nothing. Depends on you. Willing to take the time to investigate matters yourself? When was the last time you did that?

  In the weeks to follow I will attempt to elaborate on word magic. It is addicting. So convenient. Label men as a class that belongs to the Dead Beat Dad Society, and yes, no need to know the person, the label does all that for us. Out of many emotions, most often fear, people cling to labels hoping to gain a little more security within their own lives.

  Labels desensitize society. Labels de-humanize the species. Many years ago the word "slave" was common. Powerful word that detaches humanity from the object as it eases the conscience to the cruelty dispensed. We don't have to treat this thing as a human, deserving "rights", that's only a slave.

  Oh, by the way, if someone would take the time to compare the format of the Acknowledgment Of Paternity form, its context is strikingly similar to the slave documents prior to the "Civil War".

  Check back soon.

  Date: 10-28-01

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