First Draft

For those who are reading , apart from Mr. Wheeler, your comments are welcomed. Please email.

Date: 02-20-2005




Dear Mr. Wheeler:

  1. Concerning the above, to provide documentation of a certain incident that happened sometime in November, 2001, and then give my opinion of the incident.

  2. While at work one day, the foreman handed me a note he received from the receptionist indicating that you called my place of employment leaving a message for me to call you.

  3. ALLEGATION: Why did you call? A clever ploy. You called to see where I was. The phone call, under pretense leaving a "message" had its primary objective of verifying if I was at work.

  4. Continuing, your goal that day was to snoop around the general area of my property without getting caught. Not satisfied with walking the perimeter of someone's property, but to actually invade the property at your leisure.

  5. Sir, with all due respect, you have a long-standing reputation in Foster Township of being a snoop. This comes from talking to other property owners and/or residents over the course of the past several years.

  Example: One property owner, operating a commercial business on Route 940, placed an over abundance of "No Trespassing" signs on his property because of your snooping tactics and strongly advised me to do the same.



  6. Are you aware that members of the township road crew, on a routine basis, use the edge of my property and/or near said property to discard refuse via township dump truck? I have a picture (Picture #8) of location Click Here. They back up the dump truck to the edge of the hole and discard various items. Does the township have a permit or variance for dumping?

  7. Next, using the same link I provide, look at "Picture #7" which shows firewood (i.e. pallets) stacked neatly. At that location, prior to 1995, there was a large hole that for years was used by residents of Highland Village, and others, to discard their "junk". All sorts of things from tires to household appliances, such as refrigerators, and such. Furthermore, this hole was right up against the edge of the road. What about that as a "setback" issue?

  8. Another question: You claim my property is zoned "residential". I wonder how many residents had a large hole used as a mini landfill in their backyard? The area across from my property, SR 2053, was at one time residential. Houses were moved and the land went back to mining.

  9. Upon my action, in 1995, I had the hole filled in during the time when new water lines were being installed in Highland Village. At first all the excess dirt was being dumped at a different location. After contacting company personnel installing the water lines, convinced them to fill the hole in since, for their part, it saved them time and money.

  10. What happened to all the "junk" in the hole? Before the hole was covered up, at my expense, I personally removed a vast majority of the items. I didn't want it all buried. Example: Over fifty tires and too many other things to mention.

  11. Trivia: When I first took over this property, being neglected for many years, I made so many improvements , such as clearing all the shrubs, planting grass, and such, that the township zoning board, in 1995, placed an article in the local paper commending me of improving the area.

  12. Getting back to having a "junkyard". What do you think this property was for over 13 years, after the fire in 1973? Sometimes, instead of people using the hole to discard items, they found it easier to discard items in back of the foundation or inside the foundation.

  13. Hypocrites: For anyone who complained, as you allege, they are hypocrites. Who complained about the hole used as mini-landfill for over fifty years? Not one neighbor or resident of Highland gave thanks. What's the name of that song, Harper Vally PTA? They ought to clean up their own back yard for the very violations they complained about exist on their own property.

  14. Speaking of neighbors, who are my direct neighbors? Nobody. My property is isolated on that section of the road, surrounded by heavily wooded area and numerous and/or sporadic dumping sites (Not counting a few houses, hundreds of feet away, at the end of Sawmill Road.) Directly across SR 2053 is woods. Property that once was residential that was resorted back to mining. That area as well is scattered with, what you call, "junk".

  15. Speaking of hypocrites again, Click Here to see a picture with attached commentary.


  16. To be continued.