Yes, what did you sign? From an early age, you were "trained" to fill out forms in school. All kinds of forms each year paying little attention to either the wording on the form or implications afterwards. After a while, just another boring form to fill out. Hurry up...fill out your name, address and so on, then sign and date it. Good boy.

  My opinion, the bureaucrats who designed and drafted the Acknowledgment Of Paternity form knowingly committed fraud. Combined with the atmosphere and conditions where this form is usually signed, such as a hospital, esp. for those men wanting to do the "right" thing, it becomes a stage of entrapment. That form violates your constitutional rights.

  Suggestions on what to do:

  (1) These people expect you to be dumb and stupid. They expect you to be afraid and timid. If you resist in any way they will retaliate. If you are the type of man who can live as a happy slave, then sign the form as is, ask no questions; learn to kiss ass, beg, crawl on your knees and no matter what they do or say, smile and be thankfull.

  (2) Coming soon.

  (3) Coming soon.



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Updated: 12-22-2001