First Draft

  The picture above is from that popular series, The Waltons. Simple setting. I argue the way life should be, even under severe conditions of the "Great Depression". Starting at that time, zoning was to offer us something better: to aid in the new "American Dream" of prosperity. No more chopping wood or milking cows. Replaced with the delivery men.

  I want to start off by asking a question, What was the historical purpose of owning land? Answer: To increase one's chances of survival. I remember as a child, within the Hazleton Area, it was common place to see people having a chicken coop in their back yard. Also common place people had their vegetable garden (during WWII called a "Victory Garden"). In short, zoning forced people to become wards of the state.

  Another question: What is the primary purpose of property today? Answer: Personal trophy or shrine of success. Long gone is the chicken coop, replaced now with manicured lawn as if sculpted for a Hollywood set.

  When zoning was first created, such as in Pennsylvania, the "American Dream" was in the horizon and, I guess, legislators then thought zoning would help achieve this unquestioned goal. I argue zoning created a backlash that created more problems than it tried to correct.

  Since this is a first draft, many of the supportive features of this page will be added later. For now, I will list the negative aspects of zoning.

  With the advent of zoning:

  (a) Domestic violence began to escalate.

  (b) Divorce is rampant.

  (c) Depression and other health problems raised sharply.

  (d) Increased social hostility as the new vigilantly uses the zoning club to harass their neighbors.

  (e) More companies moving to places like Mexico.

  (f) The overall stability of the "family unit" has been compromised.

  (g) Several more will be added.


  Simply, the conditions that prompted zoning no longer exist. Urban sprawl? Factories now sprawl themselves to Mexico.


  Foster Township, or I should say Mr. Wheeler, filed a complaint with the local court listing me as defendant. I have a plan for cooperation: have the court openly admit that there is no Constitution or Constitutional Rights any more. If they do that I would humble myself. As a citizen, what do you own? What rights do you have? Your need a permit or license for every aspect of life. As for the courts, have them come out of the closet and admit to the actual condition of affairs. Why? The legal profession has always had a morbid love affair with catholic ideology for it creates the greatest exploitation of the peasants in the from of permits, licenses and high prices. Furthermore, the Bar Association (created shortly after the "Civil War"), has now become a predator apart from the host, forever breeding and multiplying feeding its hungry brood. Attorney? More as tour guide through the court maze of procedure and ritual. Simply, one is forced to hire a tour guide because the Bar Association created this labyrinth solely to ensure their existence.

  Part Two

  Before I begin, I am not afraid of criminals or terrorists, Like most people, I have been afraid of the Bar Association. The Bar is running a monopoly. How? Members of the Bar, go to Harrisburg as elected officials and create "laws" under the guise of State Representatives. Other members of the Bar, either elected or appointed, as judges interpret these laws made by other members of the Bar. A conflict of interest arises in that the Bar, which doesn't like inherent rights, drags society on their board game of privilege thus insuring monetary security for its members. I firmly believe that the original 13th Amendment of the Constitution prevented lawyers from holding public office. Original 13th Amendment? I provide some examples for your examination Click One, Click Two. There are better sites to review. Conduct your own Google Search, type in "Original 13th Amendment".

  What has happened to the average American family? How about the children? When a home becomes a personal shrine children can't play in the front year because we spend too much money having a law care specialist manicure it beyond perfection. Can't have the kids messing up the yard.

  In a way zoning was found on the Titanic, where the upper class didn't want the lower class standing next to them. Speaking of the Titanic, it is my opinion that our society is about to sink. Using land to ensure one's survival will be extremely important. As for myself, I'm getting ready. I store firewood. How do you heat your home without a job and without money?



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