Did you ever consider that we treat each other as road kill? What does that mean? To a high degree people are desensitized, as if walking about with blinders to what goes on in plain view. On the domestic highway, the roads are scattered with fathers, like road kill, who are trampled by bureaucratic traffic. Who are the drivers? Think about it.

  This section speaks of victims. No doubt it is going to create a controversy. Who likes their dirty laundry out in plain view? Decisive strategy to get public attention.

  The woman who gave birth to my daughter (she had a total of five with five different fathers) has given birth to more victims than children. If anything, domestic relations needs reform to put women like her out of business.

  Example: Several years ago she had a fling with the chief public defender of Schuylkill County, Blair Warner. (She use to brag about the conquest to other inmates.) During one period, while she was incarcerated, he would go to the prison, utilizing the privacy of the prison library, engage in more than legal strategy. The fling started/continued when and/or while she was released. In the summer of 1999, I sent certified letters to certain Schuykill County officals and no response either way.

  Last year, summer of 2000, I was traveling to numerous counties to access Donna's criminal record. While at the Luzerne County Courthouse, in the clerk's office, I asked the attendant to check on a woman named Donna Marie Swire (aka Colasurdo). As the information came up on the computer screen, he said upon his own initiative, "I know her, she stole my gun".

  Naturally, I was curious to that remark and asked, "What happened?" He said his name was John and I believe his last name is ("H"). This is the account: (As he told the story it was quite obvious he was still shaken by the event which happened several years ago.)

  "I was driving one day and saw her standing on the street corner. I gave her a ride. She asked me to stop somewhere and get her a pack of cigarettes. When I came back to my car she was gone and so was my gun. I called a friend of mine, a police officer from Wilkes-Barre, who found her and told him who she gave the gun to. The gun was retrieved. I was glad to get the gun back and I didn't want to press charges."

  Opinion: How would it look for an officer of the court to pick up a known prostitute and get his gun stolen? I can see why he didn't want to press charges, since there would the publicity in the papers. Was he married? Girlfriend? Embarrassment to the court?

  Moral of the story: He was the perfect victim. Knowing she could rely on him to conceal what she did. As if she said, "I am going to screw you over and you're going to help me get away with it. "

  Examination: Did he have prior knowledge she was a known prostitute? He placed himself in jeopardy by stopping. Did rely on some code of ethics amongst prostitutes? Obviously he didn't like what happened. Think of the favor he must of owed his friend, the police officer?

  Conclusion: Like a set of dominos, one victim after another. His silence only ensured the fate of the next victim as the victim before only ensured his.

Update: 11-17-2001