This is the newest page to the website. My friend, Jim M., made an excellent suggestion for the creation of this page. After a recent discussion, he said (more or less) "On your main page you list at the bottom when the site was last updated, but your site is so large, people don't know where to look for newest information on what page..." Thanks Jim. So, when a page is updated, and/or new information is added, a chronological order will be listed below with a direct link to that given page. The dated list will show updates for the past three months.

02-05-05 Added MyAuction Link for eBay at bottom of Home Page. Go to My eBay Auction.

01-31-05 Started adding the Close Window button on secondary windows.

01-30-05 Added the PayPal Logo for making donations to this site.

01-08-05 Page redirect added to fix temporary error message if "Home" link used at the bottom of most pages. Additional information on the redirect page. Click Here.

Any page that has this button has been fixed.



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