This is a picture of Amanda Loch. She is the daughter of Carolyn Giannini. This family, self-professed to be orthodox Mennonites, were playing the same head games they did with Leslie Giannini. When this picture was taken last year, it was the first time I saw my daughter sleeping. (A very important moment for me.) Amanda had to ruin the picture with her sour face. Why? Amanda wants my baby. Both her and her mother, Carolyn, are women in "sin" lusting after my daughter. What does the Commandment say? Thou Shalt Not Covet. In my personal story I will describe some tactics these women did to satisfy their greed.

  This is a picture of "Bunny".


  These freeze-frame pictures are of Monica Mindler, Carolyn's one daughter. It was taken in late, 2001. (I'll be giving a more complete account of her position shortly.) As for the pictures, I hooked up my VCR to the computer, and with use of a video-capture card, now able to record either a video or freeze frame pictures from the VCR tape to a computer file. If saved as an "avi" file, it will also have the video sound as well.)

  As for Monica, when I was visiting my daughter in Carolyn's home, Monica said three things that were worth noting. First, she said, "Everyone in this house is saved." Second, Everyone calls [Carolyn] Mother." Third, (the boy pictured above) the boy's mother she referred to as a "heathen".(1)   As I mentioned, this family claims to be ultra-orthodox Mennonites. Amanda went to bible college. It seems Monica is on her second husband. As for her newest husband, from what I could obtain, it seems there was a man (at least with the same name and age), who was arrested along with a female for theft, taking over $16,000 worth of merchandise from an Aim's store. As for the female, maybe another coincidence, the female was engaged to a certain man who ended up committing suicide. (I'll be posting the complete versions soon.) It seems this female is the mother of the the boy pictured above.

  So, Monica is a step-mother to a little boy called "Dee Dee". The boy's mother it seems prevailed so her son has to attend a day school outside the influence of Carolyn and her two daughters. I have already made mention on a different part of this web site that I refer to this family as a bunch of Jesus freaks in a cult environment. Who are these people to impose their superstitions on my daughter?

  (1) To these people I must be a heathen as well.

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