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  To the public at large, Mr. & Mrs. J.Q. Public, I am not raising my daughter as a Christian(*) and I am not putting her in public school. I don't tell you how to raise your children and I expect you to respect my position as I do yours. This site, no doubt, will be considered controversial. I find no other alternative in the quest to obtain fairness and equity within domestic relations. Therefore, I openly speak out against the catholic intrusion into domestic affairs and into my life.

  As for public schooling, my late father was a school teacher for many years with the Hazleton Area School District, Pennsylvania. Taught junior high school. We don't have public education anymore, what we have is a prison boot camp. Hazleton High School? A social club for retired police officers. How is a child to learn about freedom and liberty in a police state environment?

  What is the difference between indoctrination and education? Did Columbus discover America? Christian Propaganda. I thought the Indians were here first.

  If you're married, have a "marriage license", through this document, by trick and device, the responsibility of education was transferred to the State so they can indoctrinate your children for such purposes as to alienate them from their direct lineage, becoming social inmates and dependant, via consession, to a bureaucratic regime; all done to perpetuate bureaucracy as a self-serving entity controlled and dominated by the American Aristrocracy of privilege peddlers, The Esquire Elite. The Constitution declared the People to be The Sovereign Class, not the servants to their servants.

  If anything, I think like a 17th Century Protestant. I embrace the same capacity of mental resolve as those who drafted such documents as the Pennsylvania Constitution. (An essay of the Constitution will be added separately. Remember, said Constitution is an old document containing old words, old protestant words. What were they protesting? )

  So, if anything, thinking like a 17th Century Protestant, government is a tool, not my life support system. No longer taught, to be a citizen is to be a sovereign, holding personal venue and direction of choice for one's own life. Within such a posture, to move about in large degree accountable to no one! Furthermore, as a citizen, again no longer taught, the Tree of "government" is the People that have subordinate branches. The branches humble themselves to the Tree. The People are the Masters, like a CD, having a recorded, collective voice within the Constitution. Today? Our servants expect us to fear them. Our servants treat us with contempt equal to how a prison guard interacts with an inmate.

  Because I hold such a political view, I have no choice but to openly defy the catholic concept of "authority" as a domestic enemy of the Constitution. For such an ideology the People are servants and bureaucracy the Master. (The evils of Europe of so long ago, as the Constitutional bastion was erected to curtail, is once again a plague upon the land as if through some sort of plate tectonics, the soil of "America" has slid back to the old European despotic burdens once carried by our ancestors. (Read the essay, Click Here.)

  So, speak now or hold your peace. Below is the business card of the self professed savior of my daughter. Give her a call or write her a letter.



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(*) Like Christians I have a belief. What could be common ground, I believe the Messiah came, fulfilled his mission, was condemned by his countrymen, executed by the Romans, after three days his corpse revived from the grave, he left and will return. By Constitutional Amendment, the "State" is to favor no given religious doctrine, but it does. (Click Here to read a profile about C.D.C. Ministry.)

Updated: 12-16-2001