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  Throughout this ordeal, several government agencies and/or personnel have left, what I call, a paper trail. (For example, Click Here to read about Police Chief McFadden.)

  This page pertains to a four-page letter Attorney Stephen D. Tompkins wrote, as a reply, on 08-18-1999, to Judge Lawler of Bucks County, Pa. (Ten days after my daughter was born.) Mr. Tompkins worked for the Office of Legal Counsel, Pa. Dept. of Health.

  As for a summary of events, in part, on 05-05-99, several days after Donna left Luzerne County (on 04-27-99) to Bucks County, Jamie Drob (father #4 and long-time associate of Donna), told me that while Donna was in the rehab in Kingston, Pa., Choices, she told him of her plans to give the child up for adoption at birth. (This was one of several tips. I went to Jamie's residence that day and spoke to him personally. I also traveled a short distance and went to his mother's home, spoke to her and she provided additional information.)

  I did not want to lose my child. (Prior to the birth only had speculation what sex the child would have.) As covered in different sections of this site, it took about two weeks before I was informed where Donna was residing. (Two days before Donna left for Bucks County, on 04-27-1999, I received a copy of the Field Service Directory published by the Dept. of Health, listing all the addresses of facilities throughout the State. Several weeks earlier I was informed before Donna left Choices that she was making plans to leave the county but at that time I didn't know where. That prompted me to send for the directory.)

  So much was going on. The sense of helplessness was overwhelming. Donna was using drugs during the pregnancy like she did with her other four pregnancies. (That alone was devastating.)

  In short, all the action that took place when Donna transferred to Bucks County was geared to facilitate a private adoption and get me out of the picture. The table below gives quick reference to the other pages on this site. (Links will be added shortly. For now, they are listed on the site index.)

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Ethnic Genocide

  I was now confronted with plans to forge DNA testing. (What does one do in a situation like that?) Should I notify the district attorney's office? Example: during that time I went in person, with a witness, and spoke to Gavin Lowboski, assistant district attorney of Bucks County, concerning filing perjury charges against Donna. His reply? "Our office does not prosecute perjury in domestic cases." It was obvious he didn't care. That means his office encourages women to lie, the red carpet already in place.



  As for the title of this page, "Fruit Of The Loom", Mr. Tompkins made a statement in his letter to Judge Lawyer, in relevant part: (page 2)

  "The simple answer to this of course is that the child literally comes forth into the world from the loins of the mother."

  Note: Mr. Tompkins letter and my response are posted, Click Here. I have a separate page called Legal Position, Click Here. But for now, I present my opinion as to what a child is in relation to the parents.


  1. In short, Harrisburg, the State's capital, has become nothing more than a Vatican annex promulgating catholic edicts disguised as civil law.

  2. Catholic ideology, perfected during the Catholic Inquisition, placed reproduction onto a board game of privilege to ensure the self-preservation of catholic bureaucracy for the purpose of greater exploitation of the species.

  3. For that end, there was need to have means for quick abduction and redistribution of children, if need be, processed via certain rituals to sever children from their parents. In a catholic utopia, children must be raised as bureaucratic slaves who serve the system. Don't think so?

Legal Argument, Summary

  1. Where should we start? For fairness and equity, every time a human egg is fertilized the species gets pregnant. Everything else is being debated.

  2. A common phrase is "Laws Of Nature". Medical science has confirmed that it takes two to make a baby; both parents donate half of the genetic material.

  Note: It is argued that nature starts the ball off on equal terms.

  3. Biology? Nature has devised several methods of reproduction. There is ambiogenesis, and if I remember correctly, one species of reptiles, all females, are born pregnant. Another species, certain types of worms, have both sex organs. Another species, a group of fish, are all female, whereby a female transforms into a male to fertilize the eggs. There are many selected methods Nature devised for the collective species.

  4. Our species, humans, are a social group. I argue Nature designed us that way. Long before our species discovered language, matters of "custody" did not exist.

  5. Language transformed our species onto an abstract plane.

  6. Two factors inside the abstract plane of language has influenced the development of society: Christianity and the bible. (The two are often in conflict.)

  7. Most of our "traditions" on marriage have developed during the geocentric age and absence of science. The messenger of "birth" is no longer needed. Ultra sound and other medical techniques have breached the darkness to look behind the door before the seal is broken. It is argued that one of the main reasons why "marriage" was we understand it was needed was it provided the best means possible to insure a man's children were his own. DNA testing has cast that old measure on the garbage heap.

  8. Within a society, social laws are abstract. I argue, that the species has an inherent right to reproduce. Within our species, regulation of reproduction has had little to do with preservation of the species or safeguarding the gene pool. It was a matter of politics, within that, managing our species love affair with acquiring possession; lust for material objects; ability, potential and manufacture of exploitation. I argue Christianity, as a religion, ideology immersed in politics, cannot exist without multiple forms of slavery and slavery cannot exist without bureaucrats, or I should say, bureaucracy cannot exist without slavery. I have submitted some of my argument to the Bucks County Commissioners. Click Here.

  9. So, a question. What does the "Bible" say on reproduction? Marriage? And so on? (Remember, when this [protestant] "country" was founded, absent medical science advancements, the "traditions" of marriage were heavily relied on because society at that time had nothing else.) I argue Pennsylvania, since the end of the "Civil War" has embraced catholic ideology especially within domestic relations and as a result, has created the very instability within families, increase in divorce rates and turned the abduction of children into a multi billion dollar business equal to the days of the Inquisition.

 10. I argue the "Bible" disproves Christian theories. How? I will show the following: (a) Children by default went to the father. (b) Contrary to what Mr. Tompkins has stated, children came out of the loins of the father.

 Note: But before I go further, we live in a society of multiple beliefs. All the more reason to have equity as the default and favor no given ideology.

 11. Read what is commonly known as "Hebrews, Chapter Seven". A child was considered pre-created, as a whole child, coming from the loins of the father. As with other biblical analogies, the man planted the seed in the soil and reaped the reward of his labors.

  Note: Is that fair to women? All the more reason to demand equity. If the tables were turned, where Children & Youth dispense their powers to help fathers only at the expense of females? An agency dominated by men?

  First draft. Not finished.

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