Tell me, who likes getting a parking ticket? During a six year period, over 800 parking tickets were issued to vehicles related to my business as selective law enforcement was used to force me out of business. In Hazleton, now, as it was twenty (+) years ago, the are two sets of "laws". You have "Us Laws" and "Them Laws". On set of rules for the police and one set for the peasants. If you are related to a cop, friend of a cop, not too much to fear. A lawyer? Doctor? Politician? Park were you want. Business that does free work for a cop or his family? The picture below was taken on 11-14-2001 at the corner of Broad and Vine Sts, Hazleton, Pa. Any day, every day, all over the city, cars are illegally parked on sidewalks. The crusier belongs to West Hazleton Police Department. Do you think a Hazleton Cop driving by would issue a ticket? The police have become a strange breed. The right of passage mentality. What would a cop say? "How can you expect me to obey the law, I'm too busy enforcing it."

  The second picture, taken the same date, several blocks away, at the corner of Broad and Ceder Sts, in front of the Luzerne County Court Annex. Do "government" officials have any regard or concern for pedestriains?

  What does this have to do with father's rights? Take a look at these pictures. It is the general attitude of "government", and their collective mind-set. To them, they are the masters and we are the peasents.

  I have a photo gallery of other similar pictures taken recently and a collection from twenty (+) years ago. Go to: The user ID is sugaree10 and the password, tickets.


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