Layman's Logic

 Note: Purpose of the following exercise(s) is to provoke thought, based on plausible argument.

  Exercise One

  Topic: If God(*) Almighty himself, as a single parent, father of two, had to contend with Children & Youth, he would be in big trouble based on the documentation and testimony of creditable witnesses.

  Argument: (Prosecution by the solicitor.)

  Location of offense: Garden Estates, Eden Apartments. (Formally Paradise Village.)

  Count 1: This man has no sense of morality. He had two children out of wedlock; committed fornication and his children were bastards.

  Count 2. Conducted illegal medical experiments, performed surgery, without a license, without FDA approval, without a zoning permit, when he manufactured Adam and cloned Eve.

  Count 3. Allowed said children to run about naked in the woods, without adequate shelter, bedding; want of clothing, toilet facilities and limited diet of fruit.

  Count 4. Did further endanger the welfare of said children by placing a dangerous animal (snake) amidst the play area.

  Count 5. Provided no means of medical insurance and has no history of maintaining employment.

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  Examination of personality: Now, we jump to the end of what is commonly known as the "Old Testament", the book of Malichi, viz. 2:3.

  Count xyz. The defendant in question seems to have serious mental problems in that he has a total disregard for authority. He has threatened to smear excrement into the face of high ranking government officials.

Exercise Two

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(*) Comment: As for the word "God", viewed as generic that has as many meanings as people who use it throughout the many religions of the world, or have used it in past cultures; all in claim that their god is thee "God". I stopped count at over a thousand(+) gods man has invented by the imagination of his mind or the numerous variations of the same alleged god. I have my own version of G-d. To each their own.


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