Welfare Fraud


 Why are you paying for my daughter's health care?


Because you are a stupid Sucker!

  I have been providing my daughter with adequate medial coverage since she was born and it has not been used. Why? Two reasons. (a) So doctors can get paid more money through the welfare ACCESS system and (b) make it look like another father is a dead beat dad. Below is a letter you should read. Over a year later, still, not once, has my daughter's medical coverage I provide been used. My daughter is now almost 2 1/2 years old. All this time you, Mr. Taxpayer, have been the dumb and stupid sucker thanks to Children & Youth.

  Children & Youth suggested that I stop paying for coverage: trying to convince me that the State is paying for it, as if I deserve not to provide medical coverage.


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Updated: 12-22-2001