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Tasha Tash and Althea

  The first picture is of Donna and Tasha Colasurdo, my daughter's one sister. In the second picture, Tasha is with Althea (the oldest of five children). Tasha was adopted several years ago, I believe on or after 1996. She was severely damaged during the pregnancy because Donna was using narcotics heavily, which affected her eyes and hearing. (According to Debbie Hess, Donna's sister, Tasha was partially deaf, not counting the eye problems.)

  The picture below is Athea and Tasha.

  The picture below is the editorial of Joseph Saibia, who died from a drug overdose. As of 1999, according to the cornor's office, his death is still listed an "undetermined". I allege this is Tasha's father. (More Later.) Correction: The notice listed his address as "Arther" street. The correct name is Alter Street.

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