Exposing The Sword

Tentative Posting, Second Draft

  For now an analogy. Those familiar with Scripture, the "Word" is given one particular meaning in the figurative, that of a "two edged sword". I compare a Christian translation equal to a Jewish sword in a Roman sheath, as such war trophy. Only by taking the sword out of the sheath can "truth" be revealed. How is that done? By removing Roman labels and terminology.

  As for controversy, as mentioned on a different page, Click Here, at last count there are over 350 different sects and denominations of Christianity all claiming "truth" and equal amount of controversy. Something is wrong. If that many women were given a photocopy of the same recipe to make bread, told to go home and return with the results, I have no doubt the these women would present a loaf of bread the following day. Given that the recipe was objective, using specific forms of measurement; not subjective with a dash of this, handful of that and a sprinkle of something else. There might be subtle differences such as size of the pan. Since cooking is a chemical process, every stove, either gas or electric, would add its own flavor. Even the brand of flour, for example, would add uniqueness to the finished product. However, give the same amount of Christians a "Bible", as if to make a loaf of bread, the following day one Christian would return with roast duck, yet another with lasagna, and the rest somewhere in between.

  Getting to the punch line. What does an exposed sword reveal? The "Bible" is not a Christian book. They might of translated it but its not their book. As example, in what is commonly known as "Acts 11:26, the disciples were first WARNED about Christians in Antioch. Furthermore, what is commonly known as "Galatians" it was Paul's denunciation of the Christian movement, as in a manner of speaking, criticizing the 350 Club as evident today with all the splinter groups of Christianity.

  Think about that for a while and I'll post more in a few days.

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