Sovereign Wedding


  Short version for now. If I were to marry again it would be a Sovereign Wedding. What is that? Done within my personal venue. Research into the history of the "marriage license" will be discussed later.

  My wife and I would pick a fitting spot such as a meadow or park. Notice would be placed in the local paper before and after the event. Invite guests. Then as my wife and I "join hands", so to speak, we exchange words so to create a contract.

  Afterwards, on a document I draft, have the guests sign as witnesses of those present when the contract was made. Then, in some manner such as petition or mandamus, via local courthouse, demand that the State issue a Recognition Of Marriage, one held legally binding in that the People at large did not file protest prior to the enactment.

  Why have a marriage this way? Because agents working in the Child Abduction & Redistribution Center (aka Children & Youth) could not seize my children unless by trail by jury.

  As I mention in other parts of this site, if anything, I think like a 17th Century Protestant. I have a totally different attitude, approach, interaction and understanding of fiction. To be a citizen is to be a sovereign. I have personal venue. I don't need "permission" from an agent of the State or the Church, for I have the inherent right to marry, as a birth right. (Of course limitations are included. I would not marry my sister for example.)

  In a catholic utopia, you have a mediated society. A person needs a license and a mediator for everything. What a scam. As for a catholic priest, I would invite you to my wedding as a guest so long as you wear appropriate clothing, like the average person.

  Maybe this will help you understand. As a citizen, I am an independent State. Within my domain I hold right of discretion. For this to work, each independent citizen voluntarily surrenders a small, tiny portion of their authority to a central body under strict condition that we can take it back if need arises (in some cases history called such action a revolution).

  As a citizen of good conscience, with the love and quest for freedom and liberty, to pursue those ends, I openly defy the catholic concept of "authority". I declare all bureaucrats, politicians, are Catholic functionaries by nature, for shortly after the conflict historically known as the "Civil War", they soon evolved and embraced the "master" mentality: that the citizen is dumb and stupid and needs to be controlled. For them to seek those ends, in an act of treason, by trick and device, lure citizens onto a board game of privilege. Borrowing a Christian word, the "marriage license" is a document from HELL.

  More will be posted later.


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