Case 506 Of 1981, Luzerne County, Pa


  Twenty years ago an incident took place. Twenty years later, what happened long ago, as for the "official record", was going to be used by Children & Youth to "justify" rationale to proceed with a private adoption (aka black market abduction). So, we begin.

Starting Line Up

District Attorney

Police Chief Farnell

Solicitor Corry Stevens

Newspaper Accounts

District Justice Conahan


Mayor James Paisley

Neighborhood Pontiff



Junk, Junk & More Junk



  Short summary for now. I operated a business in Hazleton, Pa, from 1974 to 1981. This is a story the local bureaucrats thought never would be told. It will be posted soon. Example: During the first six years of business, I received over 800 parking tickets. The record was 42 times within a twelve hour period the police were at my location harassing me and my customers. This section will be posted shortly.

  To give you an idea as to what was going on, with the User ID: sugaree10 and password: tickets, go to to see the location then, and twenty years later. Click Here to read about Steve Scallion.


 Introduction: I am going to start in mid-stream, so to speak. The year was 1979, then in business for five years. In the weeks to come I will post various things that happened during that time. I was faced with constant and incessant harassment. I mean virtually all day, every day, for five years that continued until March 06, 1981. Example, to read about what happened during my first trial, Click Here. In 1979, then putting up with things for five years, I threatened to shoot my neighbor. Had a meeting for over an hour with then Police Chief Farnell. I repeated the threat. Why wasn't I arrested in 1979 two years before the shooting? Coming soon.

  Note: This section is being compiled. Relevance to child custody? That will become obvious. In short, they were going to use dig up the past. I got the shovel out first. For now, look at the ordinance below. (Obtained fresh copy, this date, 11-20-2001.)


  What's interesting to point out, things that are missing from the ordinance. The "fluff" is missing. Fluff? There are rules on how to make rules. This ordinance did not meet the minimum requirements. There are suppose to be sections stating "WHEREAS" this and "WHEREAS" that giving explanations as to why. It was one of the last ordinances Turnbach passed as mayor. As for the document, it was a designer ordinance expressly made to force me out of business.

  As for chronological events, critical episodes as follows: 1974 went into business. (Building was commercial before zoning was established.) 1976 bogus law suit used as attempt to force me out of business. That same year, Turnbach came to my business with Chief Hishar, trying to provoke a fight, in part, by kicking me while working under a car. Hishar stepped in between us. Early, 1977, 11th Street closed for over two months. Later, 1977, this above ordinance. It was the beginning of the end. Somehow I lasted a little over three more years trying to operate a business with no parking. No lawyer would get involved. Filed papers pro se and they disappeared. (I will be adding more pictures in the photo gallery mentioned above.)

  Several months earlier, I heard the familiar knock on my back window. Mrs. Falvello informed me that the neighbors were going to City Hall that night to complain. I went to the council meeting. Mayor Turnbach started yelling about how "[I] expanded [my] business out into the street". I replied that he did the same thing and mentioned over 15 different business, including his and like the one business on Mine St. (Farnell Meats. His son later became police chief.) I kept repeating that laws are made for everybody and what they were doing was discrimination and selective law enforcement. As for his business, he said: "How dare I talk about the dead that way". I replied, "The dead don't park the do". (There were chuckles in the audience. I have pictures of his business in the gallery.) This went on for several minutes. After the meeting, he grabbed me in the hallway, by my arm, turned me around and said: "You'll never humiliate me again like that...I'll bury you". I replied, "Nice comment from an undertaker." We both exchanged several expletives.

  On the morning of 10-24-77, at 8:00 am, the road crew came up with equipment to start putting up no parking signs. I said you can't do that, no ordinance was passed. The reply, "They are passing it tonight". I said that if you put them up now I'll cut them down. They left. Later on that night, at the council meeting, Turnbach made good his promise. Violating my rights, I was not allowed to speak while the meeting took place. Tension was high. One council member, Mr. Palermo, said: "Now that Stanziola has no parking I can't see how he is going to stay in business."

  It was around this time, circa 1978, that Mike Hnatuick, then operating a body shop at the corner of 2nd and Alter Sts, Hazleton, was executed, Mob City style. That story coming soon. (Being extorted by city police.)

  Note: As for Chief Hishar, many years later, in 1998, several months after being released from prison, I happened to meet him in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, Hazleton. He was the only one that apologized as to what went on back then. We had a brief, but pleasant conversation. I thanked him and left. If, by chance, he was looking for absolution he received it.


Updated: 11-29-2001