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Introduction: On 06-03-2002, I obtained "custody" of my daughter. A journey that began in December, 1998. This series will be divided into six parts, each having serval sections. For example, Part One, will focus on the "system" as it was prior to the pregnancy. Part Two, the nine months during the pregnancy...leading up to Part Six, recommendations for reform.

Special Note: Besides finishing this six-part series as soon as possible, not counting other sections of this site that are still in a first or second draft, with the advances I've made in learning all the various platforms of web site construction, the entire structure and outlay of the site is being re-organized and enhanced.

On 6-03-2002, I had an unexpected surprise. The one supervisor, Denise Horton, was the one who brought my daughter into the lobby. She also helped bring my daughter's personal items from the foster home. I can't thank her enough.

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