Tentative Posting, Second Revision

  On 01-09-2002, my lawyer called to notify me that my "visitation" with my daughter was terminated again, now for the third time since 03-2000. It seems they don't like the web site. Children & Youth has known about the site for over two months (a site that began on 09-24-2001). How? I told them. The web site was almost two months old when I had the latest hearing on 11-27-2000. Why has it taken so long for them to make a fuss?

  I consider this plain, old-fashioned retaliation. The big bully scenario. How did they suspend my "visitation" this time? As usual, I wasn't invited. So I have no idea what was said. It seems the judge keeps hearing a one-sided story.

  Most of the information in this site is old news for Children & Youth. During the past several years I have made verbatim statements in various forms of writing such as petitions and a video documentary I made back in the summer of 2000, which they have a copy, along with a copy sent to others such as the Bucks County Commissioners. Certified copies mailed in 2000.

  What seems to be the problem? Children & Youth consists mostly of women. Mostly catholic women. After a while, they think that that agency is their personal business as they lose sight of working as a government employee. (Shortly after my daughter was seized on 02-23-2000, in one letter addressed to the then social worker involved, Karen Murray, I used the phrase Mother Superior Syndrome.)

  This is another violation of my Constitutional rights. As a citizen I have a right to criticize government free from retaliation, at least in theory.

  Argument: Let's suppose someone I mention in this site feels they have been, say, slandered or something like being defamed in some way. They have recourse, they could file a civil suit against me. They wouldn't be so foolish. Why? Because that means a jury trial and news reporters and public review. Can't have that.

  Argument: Would they file an injunction? Where? What county? Would that be a story for the news papers?

  Argument: I am a perfect parent and did nothing wrong. So, what happens? They don't like what I "say". But more important they don't like me talking to you, the public. This web site is outside their sphere of control. To me they act like a spoiled brat that takes a tantrum.

  Special Note: Fair warning to you, the public. For the day you are a afraid to speak you forfeit the right to speak. What's the next step? Then you become more afraid of those who do speak then those who make YOU afraid to speak yourself.

  How many fathers have a site like this? Maybe they need to nip things in the bud, so to speak. So someone else doesn't get brave.

  Like I mentioned above, this is a tentative posting.

  Maybe an analogy is needed. A long time ago a man named Moses stood before Pharaoh, and said to that king, "let my people go". You see, Pharaoh had no "authority" over the house of Israel. Pharaoh was determined to teach Moses a lesson and show him who's boss. You should be familiar with the story and what happened. As for myself, its difficult dealing with a tyrant.

  I can't stress enough, as I repeat many times in this web site, if there was at least a marginal separation of church and state this site would not be needed.

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Updated: 01-11-2002