Brief summary for now, ultra short synopsis:

  Starting in February of this year, the latest charade-phase began for me to "get" my daughter. Notification was sent that D-day was set for 05-29-2001. Two days before the hearing, the foster [##@!!], on the 27th, took my daughter to the local hospital and tried to pawn off a birth mark as a fresh bruise to invent dirt at the last minute. The day of the hearing? Reports were not given to the court. After it was apparent that the past three months were a charade, shortly thereafter I starting my latest mailing campaign. By July 10th, mailed a letter to the Bucks County Commissioners having copies of same mailed to numerous other people or agencies. On September 14, 2001, a hearing was held without me. I was not given notice. The letter in question was used to "justify" suspending my visitation with my daughter. So, I post the letter. Click Here. In a few days I will give a more detailed list of events.