Underground Railroad

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  The picture above was taken recently, two blocks from the State Capital Building in Harrisburg, Pa., during one of my trips to the State Law Library. It seems bureaucrats now glorify former illegal activity. It was called "underground" because back then it was as if they were harboring wanted felons.

  So, within domestic relations, places like Libertae, in Bensalem, Pa., they are all situated in Tanner's Alley, so to speak. Correlation? Catholic orphanages for many centuries acted as an underground railroad disposing of unwanted bastard children during the days when fornication was a criminal act. Click Here to read one account. They had their own network of connections. Such a vast undertaking, with monetary profit being acquired, also meant ways to funnel these children into catholic homes. This type of organization, surviving the centuries, does not shut down overnight because a "law" was passed making a vast majority of their need to exist, now obsolete.

  I have made allegations that within domestic relations and/or children & youth, the catholic orphanage empire is alive and well, only with a name change and setting to make a difference. The bastard-in-practice children provide a multi billion dollar business treating them as a modern-day slave trade. Of course, always justifying the motive with claiming its in their best interest.

  As in the days of old, with such words as being "discrete" the multiple layers of confidentiality cloak the process behind closed doors.

  I argue the State is still sanctioning illegal activity with the physical abduction of children for profit and channeling a great number of these objects of trade to either catholics or sympathizers of catholic ideology. Illegal activity? The State is barred from favoring a given religious ideology.

  Some day I'd like to see an historic sign in front of Libertae that records its demise as the former terminal-hub of the adoption underground.

  In a few days I will explain the fallacy of the "best interest rule".

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