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Strategy with the notorious PFA, spoken by an expert.

  This is a preliminary posting and this section will eventually be moved to the legal corner. Anyway, where to start? As I mentioned in this web site, I gained full custody of my daughter over two years ago. In my life time I had three PFA actions filed against me by two different women. The most recent one by the mother of my daughter, filed in 1999. It didn't work. I still got custody. As the for the first time, a certain woman. just out to be vindictive, filed a PFA in 1995. (She got the idea from her girlfriend who filed a PFA against her boyfriend a few weeks earlier.) She thought it would immediately put in jail. It didn't work. When the year was almost up, only six days left on the PFA, desperate to act, made up stories that had me arrested and placed in jail. What happened? After six days I was released with no charges filed. Furious, she then filed another PFA in a different county. The judge heard the case and threw it out. But she got six days out of me. The second discredited the first.

  Before I continue, telling you about the PFA Donna Swire (aka Colasurdo) filed against me, PFA #3, if you are faced with a PFA action, one thing you should do is this: (Something I should of done.) Subpoena the District Attorney of that County and have him testify. Make sure you also state in the Subpoena to have him bring certified documents of any/all prosecutions of perjury in that county for the last five years relevant to PFA actions. What questions to ask? Would they be relevant? Most certainly. Get him/her on the stand and ask if said county ever prosecuted perjury in domestic cases? The D.A. should say "No". If they would say "Yes", then immediately ask for them to produce the evidence. Get a percentage. Furthermore, you should have it put on record if the woman filing the PFA against you ever filed any others. Does this woman have a history of filing PFA's? Donna Swire filed at least three previous PFA's against other men she was attempting to defraud. After all, she had prior knowledge that she can lie with no fear of prosecution. (No doubt if a woman doesn't know this at first, the women who work for those "crisis" centers know this and quickly pass on the information.)

  As for PFA #3, as a maneuver, Donna filed false allegations(like she did in her other PFA actions). In part, because counties get federal funding for every PFA case they handle, they have a monetary incentive to dish them out like candy. (In Bucks County, every Tuesday is PFA day where they hear at least twenty cases or more. What are the lawyers doing? Trying to fast track their cases, sometimes representing two or more clients the same day, making at least $1000 dollars per client in a few hours of work.) After the fact, now being able to prove Donna perjured herself, went to the District Attorney's Office in Bucks County to file charges against her. I was told, in front of a witness, that the D.A's Office does not prosecute perjury in domestic cases.

  It seems quite clear that a woman, who has prior knowledge of this fact, as if the D.A.'s Office roles out the red carpet, they know they can lie and get away with it. The judicial systems gives women unlimited immunity. Therefore, they create the very potential for violence they want to manage and control. Indirectly, and discretely, they nourish violence and reap the monetary benefit if and when it bears fruit.

  Getting back to some legal strategy, after you get the D.A. to admit his office does not prosecute for perjury, simply tell the court what's the sense of having a hearing at all? What's the point? You will let the woman lie and she knows she has no fear of prosecution.

  Question: If you hire an attorney, tell him/her about my strategy, what would they do? Most likely they won't piss in their own stew because the next week, the following Tuesday, they'll be making more money on unsuspecting clients. In my experience, an attorney's first loyalty is to the club and the money generating factory that makes the process lucrative for all the members of the Bar and secondary support groups. Its a big joke.

  Disclaimer: No doubt there is a very small percentage of women, or men, that actually have suffered abuse and need the protection of the courts. But as I said, this is the exception rather than the norm.

  NOTICE TO LAWYERS, LAW ENFORCEMENT OR CRISIS INTERVENTION OFFICIALS: If you've read the above, I want to be like a virus that breaches your mental firewall, hacks your conscience and deletes your peace of mind. You see, if you're into playing the role of super hero, rescuing the damsel in distress, look into the mirror and face what really goes on. Wipe away the facade and be ashamed of yourself.

  Note: No doubt some women who volunteer to work in crisis intervention centers are no different then volunteer firemen who commit arson hoping to gain fame and recognition for the very fires they create. The system needs reform. I strive to reduce domestic violence. That's why I speak out and focus on the problem. Its funny, fire fighting agencies know very well that a large percentage of those wanting to volunteer to fight fires are prone to committing arson. The same should be done in those crisis intervention centers. How pathetic for a women, volunteering her services, goes to the center, dressed up in her Sunday best, sits behind a desk all night staring at the phone waiting for some action. (After all, do people volunteer to be bored? ) If the phone does ring, no doubt she'll convince the woman on the phone she has a problem whether she does or not.


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