PFA Parade

The picture above is Judge Webb, from Carbon County, Pennsylvania.

  This section will be posted soon. For now, the story of the PFA and how it is used has lost sight of its original intent. Now, a legacy of abuse. I have a personal story about this subject.

  A section will be posted giving a summary of the Pennsyvlania Constiution. Using a different perspective, that document, in effect, was a PFA Decree that was to protect the citizens from the very "government" they were creating. Like Dr. Frankenstein, who needed to control his monster.

  So, in that respect, the Constituitional PFA, in theory, set about to curb the abuses that plagued European governments for centuries. That is why we are suppose to have freedom of speech, of religion and so on. (Click Here for that summary.)

  For now, in my life I had three PFA's filed against me by two separate women. The first woman filed two and the other filed one. (These two women are part of a small world. (Click Here for that summary.) This is where Judge Webb came into play. He presided over the second PFA action in 1996. This is one judge that threw his hands up in disgust and tossed out the complaint. Those who testified on my behalf, one a police chief, also shed new light on the first PFA filed by the same woman a year earlier, in 1995. (The account will be posted.) When Judge Webb tossed out the second, he also discredited the first. I was vindicated.

  When this section is completed, it will give a broad examination into the abuse of the PFA and how a man can defend himself.

  Check back in a few days.

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