The Nut Mission

First Draft

  Starting in mid-stream, on 02-24-2000, while at work, a man calls my home, at 7:45 AM, telling Gail (who was staying at my house with her son, Nick) that Children & Youth seized the child from the mother the night before and if I wanted my baby I "should move fast".

  After getting the message, ran home and started making phone calls. In desperation I called my sister, Attorney Cynthia S. Ray. Her advice? She instructed me to drive up to the Luzerne County Courthouse and get an Order of Custody. Gail and her son went for the ride. When arriving the judge's secretary looked at me, very puzzled, and said "We don't have jurisdiction. You went to the wrong courthouse." (Despite all my efforts, at this time the birth certificate still was not amended to list me as the father.)

  Arriving back home I called my sister and explained what happened. She said, "Don't worry about that now, they will have to schedule a temporary placement hearing". She made no offer to come down. I also told her that Karen Murray (social worker assigned at that time) said a hearing was scheduled for the next day, 02-25-2000, at 9:00 AM. (The account of what happened next is already stated in this web site.)

  Breaking sequence, Jodi Hertzberg, the social worker that replaced Karen Murray, in the months that followed, submitted a written statement to the court that the reason they had to seize my daughter was that there was "no immediate relative housing available" and signed her name under penalty of perjury.

  No housing? Did Jodi call any of my family members? Is there documentation? How about Donna's family, like her sister Debbie Hess?

  Allegation: My dear sister deliberately sent me on a nut mission, 25 miles in the wrong direction from where I live, to a court that had no jurisdiction under the circumstances, to bide for time while phone calls were made to Bucks County informing them that their plan had problems in that someone called and told me what happened. (Later on I found the man who called, drove down and talked to him personally. He filled in more details.)

  Allegation Two: If I had means to subpoena my sister's phone records, connecting the dots during that time and the several months preceding the event, it would disclose her involvement to assist Bucks County, doing what she could to keep me from my daughter. (Note: At the other end, the phone records of Children & Youth are sanitized. Click Here to read about Covert Operations.

  Question: Why would my sister do such a thing? I'll try to answer that. (For people reading this web site, probably having some sort of solidarity between family members, it would seem beyond belief that my family would posture themselves to block my attempt in getting my daughter.) For now, read the story called Keeper Of The Crypt. Click Here.)

  Starting on 07-27-2000, I started seeing my daughter one hour every two weeks. Repeatedly I asked several members of my family to go down to Doylestown. One excuse after another. My mother, for example, made all kinds of excuses. The day was wrong, her back was hurting and couldn't drive the distance, or something else. Yet, found time to take her routine gambling trip to Atlantic City; go with my brother to see a baseball game in Philadelphia or, recently, fly out to Michigan to see my sister Mary Clark, drive to Reading to attend my uncle's wake. A few more I could mention.

  As counter argument, several months ago my mother asked me to come over her house and gave me a check for $150 dollars. Knowing her, to create a paper trail so she could tell people how much she "loves" her granddaughter. What a joke.

  Last February, 2001, I had my sister come down to unofficially "represent" me at one custody hearing. I did so to test the waters. At the hearing, as her and the judge (Cynthia Rufe) kept smiling at each other, making small talk, what a joke. I knew at that moment what had been going on all those months before. I asked my sister to challenge entries that were of record, like Jodi's claim that no immediate relative housing was available and why my petition for custody was returned without a hearing. Like talking to the wall.

  Part two of this story will be posted shortly.

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