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Posted: 01-10-2002

  This page is addressed to the solicitor for Bucks County Children & Youth, Attorney Brad Jackman. (Tentative posting, first revision with correction.)

  1. On this date, 01-10-2002, I had a phone conversation with my attorney. In part, he recounted his recent conversation with you, in that you are monitoring my web site and have plans to use select parts of the site as "evidence" for a petition to terminate my parental rights for a hearing, supposedly scheduled for 01-29-2002.

  2. If you want to gather this and that, pull things out of context and twist them into something that was not intended, I have no control over your actions, motives or prejudices. This site is clearly marked, "Under Construction". Most pages are marked, "Temporary Posting". They are not finished.

  3. As for the web site (and the auxiliary site) much of what is contained you and/or your client have been in possession of same via other formats such as letters or petitions spanning over two years. What about the video I sent via certified mail to the Bucks County Commissioners in the summer of 2000? Your client has a copy, I mailed them a certified copy along with a second video at the same time frame, 2000.

  4. Now, at the 11th hour, so to speak, you act? Mr. Jackman, its time for honesty. First of all, who sees your records or files? Surely not the public. Its only because I am documenting my version of events via the Internet. My version? In short, my daughter was selected for a black market adoption before she was born and your client was postured, using any means at their disposal, to make that happen. Things went so far having attempt to forge DNA testing. I consider this, and other statements within this web site, serious allegations. Maybe you would want to address these at the upcoming hearing?

  5. As for more honesty, man to man, here, speaking out in the open, in the light of day for all to read, there never was a "Plan A". Your client never intended to give me my daughter. When you compare words and deeds, it speaks for itself. That is what this web site is about.

  6. Maybe its time for another analogy. Many people have seen the movie, Wizard Of Oz, more than once. Its regarded as a classic. Dorothy and her friends meet the Wizard for the first time: scared and trembling. Obviously intimidated by all the smoke and mirrors. When they return, the dog, Toto, pulls open the curtain to expose a fraud. What was the reaction? The Wizard got yelled at. He had a conscience, felt shame and repented of his actions. That movie had a sub-base that was not politically correct. In the "real" world, the script would be played differently. This is how the "system", functioning as a board game of privilege, it needs fear mixed in with props, costumes and rituals, oh my.

  7. How would the script be re-written? First, lets compare this web site as a Toto maneuver. What would the Wizard say? "So, you exposed my operations. So what. Who's going to belive you? The little munchkins? "

  8. As for Children & Youth in general, like the Wizard, the people at large are very, very afraid of this organization. The Internet is filled with horror stories. If you use the Google web search engine, for example, type in the phrase "father's rights groups" and the result is 219,000 web pages. Try it yourself. Type in "suicide prevention", 273,000 results. Type in "domestic violence", comes to a whopping 1,500,000 results. And so on.

  9. Mr. Jackman, as for more honesty, you're not afraid of me, per se, you're afraid of the public: at least to some degree. Or, afraid of this web site. Breaking sequence for a moment, this web site was due to cause and effect. Sir, you snuck into court, again, on 09-14-2001. (Click Here to read my first letter to you in the open letter gallery on the alternate site.) That prompted me to create a web site by the end of the same month.

  10. Before I decided how to create a web site, I examined what was already on line relevant to reforming domestic relations and/or custody. Many, or most, are what I consider generic, having the same, worn-out story board and list of links. (As for monitoring web sites, the Department Of Welfare has their DPW Administrative Manual, such as "7047-xxx" that instructs your agency to monitor web sites.) It was time for a new approach. I knew you'd be watching.

  11. As for approach, my attorney said that you made a big fuss about the graphic picture I used of the shotgun suicide. Why? The picture is in the public domain via Internet. Sir, if you think that picture is graphic, you should go to the nearest arcade and see what the children are viewing as video games. That shotgun picture is mild in comparison. My attorney mentioned you said that I am "glorifying violence"? Do another search on Google and see who is really doing what you allege.

  12. QUESTION: How long have you worked for children and youth? Maybe at the upcoming hearing we should subpoena the coroner and his records. Long before I ever set foot in Bucks County, from my limited research, your county, out of 67 state-wide, is up in the top 15 for violent communities. How many suicides? How many murder-suicides? How many parents of children your agency has abducted committed suicide or murder-suicide after your client's seizure of their children? Many other questions I could raise, such as for statistics, what is the success rate of children adopted by your agency? Are they really better off? (By now I'm sure you seen the page marked "Poster Child".)

   13. Sir, I strive to reduce domestic violence. That is what my site is about and the main page clearly states my objectives. By the way, what have you done to reduce domestic violence? Maybe you would want to testify to that at the upcoming hearing?

  14. Sir, I am not are. Are you in denial to your violence? Sir, you're part of an enterprise conducting commerce in children, as if a commidity, that generates millions of dollars. I call it a slave trade. You people are in denial. As for that shotgun picture, that page was posted on 12-15-2001, [corrected] several weeks before the hearing held on 11-27-2001. You and/or your client knew about the web site by then. Why didn't you make mention at that time? If I posed such a potential "threat" as you allege, you should of taken immediate action without delay. (By the way, did you show Judge Rufe a segment of that video on 08-13-2001 during a private session, off the record?)

  15. Look at the list of psychologists. What a paper trail in itself, having a secondary benefit of eight names for the record, having five entries designed as a no-show for effect. As for the latest "evaluation" to be done, what is to be accomplished in three hours by Mr. McCollaum?

  16. As for more honesty, I allege your county would have the need to "terminate" my rights because of civil litigation as the primary reason. How would it be for a jury to hear this case?

  17. [Update] I have finished the second of three parts to the "Ethnic Genocide" page, the one with the shotgun picture. As I mention on that page, this web site is less than four months old. Many of the pages are stated as incomplete; certain link buttons not yet actovated and so on.

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Posted: 01-10-2001

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