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  Introduction: (More will follow in a few weeks.) I felt it necessary to include several words and/or phrases relevant to the bizarre world of custody matters within domestic relations.

  As for "mental illness", historically, this is a social phenomena, a group event germane to a given location and era. It is not, nor has it been, a label for a single individual or a selection of individuals exhibiting some sort of behavior not part of the "norm". What is "normal" anyway? If not mistaken, the English word comes from the Latin word, nomas, meaning carpenter's square. (I'll have to double check. Stating from memory.)

  Mental illness? What happens when you get a group of Christian bureaucrats together? Places like Salem, Massachusetts, or Wittenburg, Germany, where you have the whole town or otherwise large area going bloody mad, obsessed with "demon" fever, searching out witches. Retrospect looks back on town leaders, who, sleeping well at night, doing a "good" service, as their predecessors discredit their actions as, well, just plain sick when mass murder was cloaked as "justice".

  Then the person, confronted with a town gone mad, is scared to death by what is about to happen.

  For now, let's call the first, fever sickness and the latter, fear sickness. Of the first group, they are also infected with a virus known as arrogance.

  Example: (I can give many)

  (a) Yes, prior to "World War II", a geologists wrote a theory on plate tectonics, how the continents moved. His contemporaries, fellow scholars, laughed to no end. The man was thought to be a fruitcake. Years later, with the development of Radar/Sonar, while mapping the Atlantic Ocean, did evidence appear to validate his theory (which is now accepted). The man was posthumously honored and given credit. A lot good it did him while alive.

  Note: But that is the process as society jumps to another level.

  (b) As a child I remember the "Red Scare". Communists lurking around every corner. My generation was expected to rush to the cadence and, with wide eye trust, absorb the moment for the sake of artificial solidarity. I dare say "mental illness" favors and strikes a select group first. Who are they? Bureaucrats as they want to infect the rest of us!!! Pictured below is McCarthy. The Inquisition has never stopped.


Today's hero is tomorrow's south-bound end of a north-bound horse.

  (e) Often, yesterday's fruitcake is today's hero. Pictured below is a familiar face. This kind of hero, striving for social reform? Bureaucrats murder them first then spew out fancy speeches in front of plaques they erect to their memory. King's mug shot. Arrested and jailed for a minor traffic violation.

  (d) The next face should also be familiar. A man once considered a Don Quixote type, attempting to challenge a giant corporation. Every effort was made to discredit him since they couldn't discredit his position.


  (f) Who are the new Inquisitioners?

Domestic Relations

  Note: A few more parts will be added, some other familiar faces.

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