Cover Up Of Injuries

  As I have been explaining, my daughter was selected for a black market adoption before she was born. The mother relocated to Bucks County to facilitate the adoption a few months before the birth. Children & Youth had prior knowledge and were assisting to that end. Several attempts, what I consider criminal, were employed to get me out of the picture. (A father involved only complicates adoption schemes.)

  As mentioned, DNA testing was to be forged. I was warned via phone call. Next, the court was stalling me for months, preventing me from getting the appropriate paperwork to send to Vital Records to have the birth certificate amended. At first Children & Youth were silent partners. But when necessity arose, came out of the bushes, seized my daughter, tossed the mother in a psychiatric ward, planned to sneak into court, before I found out, to gain temporary custody before the birth certificate could be amended and then have me arrested on some sort of terroristic threat charges. (Click Here for related story.)

  On 02-25-2000, the petition filed by Children & Youth stated that the mother was "running down the highway with the child in her arms". After the four minuite hearing, I asked Karen Murray if my daughter was injured. She refused to answer. From sources I had contacted, my baby, six months old at the time, was injured. (This was another reason why they had to invent some sort of reason to keep me away and in the dark for several months to hide the injuries.)

  In the picture below, the mother signed a MEDICAL SURGICAL CONSENT form a day after Children & Youth seized my daughter and while the mother was involuntarily committed in a psychiatric ward.

  Question: Was this consent legal? Children & Youth, on the 24th, did not have "custody". Was the mother competent to sign? Should there of been a hearing first?

  Reason: Children & Youth needed a consent form signed in a hurry so the child could be treated. Interesting to point out, the doctor, Thomas Filipowicz, is the Emergency Room Specialist at St. Luke's Hospital.

  Comment: Children & Youth knew they were in big trouble. (a) Several months earlier I filed a PFA action against the mother warning that my daughter was at risk. The court ignored my petition, without hearing, without formal denial. (b) Several weeks prior to 02-23-2000, I faxed Children & Youth warning them that the mother was back on drugs and only a matter of time before she would be arrested on new charges and/or have her parole violated. Both came to pass several weeks after she was released from the psychiatric ward. (c) Children & Youth were determined to transfer my daughter to the adoptive parents selected by the mother. (d) Children & Youth were doing all they could to forge documents and the like to get me out of the way. For many months all pertinant records were sanitized that I, as a father, did not exist.

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