Running Out Of Time

  Introduction: Other aspects of this matter are discussed on other pages in this site. As mentioned, Donna Marie Swire (aka Colasurdo) relocated to Bucks County, from Luzerne, to facilitate a private adoption. (To read a summary of events Click Here .)

  Shortly before I contacted the police chief, the previous several months were terrible. One major obstacle after another was confronted and dealt with.

  Step One: Prior to Donna relocating to Bucks County arrangements for private adoption already underway. Children & Youth knew she was coming down. Get the father out of the way and everyone is making money.

  Step Two: Cloaked in secrecy living in a halfway house, initial plan: wait until child was born then have me arrested on some sort of sex charge. Was tipped off, located several individuals who helped in blocking that attempt.

  Step Three: Forced to move ahead of schedule, Donna filed a bogus PFA action. The Court had no jurisdiction in two ways, (a) Donna was not a legal resident and (b) her allegations would of taken place in Luzerne County. Court granted the PFA that only pertained to Donna. (Click Here for related story.)

  Step Four: Received another tip that DNA testing was going to be forged. Went through that hurtle. (Click Here for story.) The court was stalling me for months and wouldn't give me the paperwork I needed to have the birth certificate amended.

  Step Five: Donna was running out of time. She would soon have to leave the half way house. In early January, 2000, tried to have me violate the PFA in Hazleton. She knew I wanted to see my daughter, then four months old. That failed. Donna was moved to a shelter near Quakertown. She tried again to have me violate the PFA. That is when I called the local police chief and he replied by fax as shown below. (In fact, he sent the same fax twice as a "second warning".)

  Other things were going on at that time. Donna was back using drugs. I notified Children & Youth that Donna posed a threat to my daughter and that she would be arrested soon.(A few weeks later her parole was violated, a fugitive and was arrested on new charges.)

  Also going on, I contacted the shelter's main office and talked to the director. I wanted to see my daughter so a date was set for 02-11-2000. Donna insisted that she had to be in the room.

  As you can see on the fax, the police chief said the PFA also applied to my daughter. That was not true. On the 11th, with a witness, I drove to the courthouse in Doylestown and obtained a fresh copy of the PFA having each page embossed with seal, drove back to Quakertown and went to see the police chief. Having a witness along, I had a sort conversation with him. I wanted him to look at the fresh copy of the PFA. He refused. I told him of my suspicions that his copy was forged. (He was not interested.) I then went to the shelter's main office and told the director I had suspicion that the copy of the PFA on file was forged. The director made a copy and said she would get back with me to verify. A few days later I called the director, who said that she was not allowed to see Donna's file. This raised her suspicion as well.

  My allegation is that Mr. McFadden was helping in a private adoption. In that he knew his copy of the PFA was forged and he was going to use it to have me arrested.

  Several months ago I faxed him another letter. In part, I wanted to know if he was related to the case worker at the shelter and if that was his reason for not having her arrested furnishing the police with false statements.

  Simply, Bucks County is operating a black market for babies.



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