Herd Mentality

  After three months of not seeing my daughter, last week, on 12-01-2001, the location selected by Children & Youth was a shopping mall. Where is the next visit to take place? At the mall.

  Several years ago I wrote an article titled, Grazing At The Mall. One section talked about the coupon safari. What does this mean? As citizens, our primary function in life is to become consumers. Conditioned that we need this or that, hurry to the mall, buy things to take home, throw away, and repeat the process again and again. Don't think so? Each week we get notice from credit card companies claiming that we are "pre-approved". Clever enticements to get us in bondage to debt.

  We must indoctrinate children early to go grazing at the mall. Not my idea. If I had a choice, I'd rather spend my time at a library. Boring? That's your conditioning talking.

  I have to stop short. Getting ready to see my daughter today.












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Updated: 12-22-2001