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  On 01-19-2002, I drove down to the Lehigh Valley Mall for a scheduled, three hour visit with daughter. (I had written notice of the time and date and received no written cancellation.) I arrived on time. There was a no-show so I left. (Lack of consideration on the part of Children & Youth.)

  While there I was posting a small flyer, about the web site, on the vehicles parked at the mall. A security officer, pulled up in a Jeep and asked me what I was doing. (He was a young man, maybe in his late twenty's or early thirty's. His conduct is not an issue. He acted in a polite and courteous manner.) I walked up to his Jeep and told him. He replied, "You're not allowed to post things on vehicles at the mall...let me see what you are posting". I handed him a flyer: listing a small amount of information such as the title of the web site, web address and dedication. Size: 4x8 inches. Then he said, "You will have to remove [the flyers] from each car." I promptly did as he asked and left.

  I am sending an e-mail to the mall in question and will add it to this page as a supplement.

  Click Here to read the e-mail I sent the Lehigh Valley Mall.



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Posted: 01-19-2002