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  Before a pregnancy changed my focus, I was, to some degree, involved in union politics and reform. Click Here to read a published newsletter. It seems employees of Luzerne County Children & Youth are members of the same union I belong to: Teamsters Local 401, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Before the pregnancy, plans were made to create a union web site. Contrary to popular belief, from my extensive research, as opinion, an in-house "shop steward" is an officer of the executive board, under the same election procedures as any member of the board. Before the pregnancy, I strove to have stewards reclaim their rightful position. Now, for the stewardship of fathers.

  Below is a CD of the United States Code. Contained therein, is Title 29. Every union employee and union representative should make themselves familiar with this code. (I was astonished how many do not.)


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Updated: 12-27-2001