Below is an excerpt from a web site, link is listed below. "Need" was given to start a Domestic Violence Task Force, to get involved, because a "man", no longer human, identified simply as a "batterer", supposedly murdered children as listed below. I see it a little differently. A trained professional should be non-biased. If a group is to be created then claim it is to diminish domestic violence, period. As a non-gender-specific agenda. You mean, prior to 1991, there was no need to have a task force? Instantly, overnight we needed one? (Let's give the coroner a call and look at his records.) Yes, I see it a little differently. What is that? It seems around that time a lot of federal money became available. Counties could cash in as if hitting a lottery. All they had to do was fill out the proper forms but there was a catch. What was that? If current statistics aren't sufficient then, if need be, artificially generate statistics. Men bashing is a hot item, it sells. Jump on the bigotry gravy train and the money starts rolling in for a lot of people to create jobs and bring money into the county treasury. The more agencies involved the more money. Politicians have been portraying women as poor innocent victims. Election tactics refined to a science. Then you need a victimizer. Who's left but the men. If men aren't violent figure out ways to make them violent. How? Its easy. Any examples? Strip men of all "rights" within the domestic setting, devoid them of dignity and respect as a human. At the same time provide women with a whole army of men-swatters and free financial aid while men have no support; government is to protect females. When? Indoctrinate little girls, starting in pre-school, of having superior position over boys. Then start pushing. Taunting. Hey, Mr. Boy, I can invent any story I desire about you. My case worker knows all the magic words to fill out the forms. I can reach in your pocket and take what I want...any time I want. Kick you out of the house. If you beg I'll let you back in. Are you getting mad, Mr. Boy? What are you going to do, Mr. Boy? Wonderful to be a female in America. I feel like a women in Germany when society stripped Jews of "rights". Or down south as when society interacted with Mr. Nigger.

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Updated: 11-28-2001