Breif summary for now:

  This is a picture of John Evancho from Hazleton. It seems this is father #3, to a son named Alex Colasurdo. (A more detailed account will follow)

  Relevant information: As you can see by the picture, I "found" John, so to speak in the summer of 2001. After a long talk, he disclosed much information into his relationship with my daughter's mother, Donna Marie Swire (aka Colasurdo). At one time John worked at the plant were I do.

  Donna got out of prison in early 1992. A few weeks later John met her at a party. A few weeks later Donna was pregnant. Shortly thereafter, they lived together in an apartment in Freeland. During this time John was helping Donna in regards to her, then, other two children, two girls, Althea and Tasha, who were then in foster care via Luzerne County Children & Youth. Said agency knew that Donna claimed John was the father of her current pregnancy. John was an active part in Donna's dealings with Children & Youth such as attending placement hearings with the two girls.

 Then came late 1992, when Donna was eight months pregnant. The scam could not continue any longer. Donna was trying in her worst way to push John out of the picture. She made threats that she would scratch her face and then blaime John did it. Donna took off and went into hiding and gave birth in Hazleton on 01-19-1993.

  John was, at that time, active in trying to find out about his position as the father. He went to children and youth who informed him that another man's name was on the birth certificate. At that time, in 1993, the laws were different.

  Allegation: From my investigation, Luzerne County Children & Youth knew John was the father and that Jamie Drob was used as a ploy to get rid of him. (Jamie's connection into this matter will be disclosed in the weeks to come.) I further allege children & youth had a vested interest to get rid of the real father because it made the potential of adoption easier later on. The second picture is of Alex and Althea, taken circa 1994. Althea is the oldest of five. The third picture of Alex, age around six years old, circa 1997.



Updated: 12-11-2001