Private Adoption

  Introduction: Long before I met a women and she got pregnant, the "system", speaking of children, has developed into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. Long before I met a women and she got pregnant, the "system" has turned the entire country into a collective breeding terminal: having each home nothing more than a kennel annex.

  As for "single females", like a bitch dog in a kennel, she is given primary concession with her pups. (On a board game of privilege the word "rights" is meaningless.) The sperm donor holds a vital but limited role.

  Recently, my one neighbor couple, who have two dogs, male and female pedigree (with papers), decided to let them breed. A total of nine puppies were the result. Before the puppies arrived, they were already making contacts for potential customers and already figuring out the cash profit. Talking to them several times a week, before the delivery, seemingly interested in the puppies, were only "choosing good homes" and "screening" the buyers. In this equation, were the dogs asked for their opinion? Absurd. Don't you think? To ask the dogs if its alright? One by one the puppies were sold except one they kept. All this done without any consideration to the dog-parents. What does this mean?

  In society, we think nothing of breeding dogs for profit. (At one time the fine Christians did so with humans, called a "slave" with the same detached emotion.) Think of it, living down south in the mid 1800s, within a whole economic system thriving on cheap labor while a select few lived in luxury. As they drove by in their elegant carriages, dressed in the latest fashions from Europe, do you think they would pay attention to a critic on the street corner pointing the finger while calling out to their embarrassment? Who would be the first to silence the critic? Those merchants who gained income from selling to the wealthy. The politicians and police, positions financed and elections obtained by the wealthy. What would happen?

  Yet slavery continues. Places like Gettysburg held evidence that the court system failed. Where the judge changed uniforms, traded in his gavel for a gun, venue transferred onto a field, and the trial began in blood and bullets. The violence that took place did not end slavery, it only elevated slavery onto a higher abstract plane. The word "slave" is from the 19th century. A word having close association with the intent. What did the "Civil War" mean? The victory gave dictionary titleship to northern bureaucrats.

  (As for an example of the abstract plane, when money was money it was gold and silver: precious metal that had actual worth. We go one notch higher on the abstract plane, using paper money that now holds assumed worth. One notch again and you have a "check" that assumes even more. After a few more notches, from credit cards, direct deposit, we live as the coal miners did, working and not getting paid anymore as the cashless society (as they lived in) is almost finalized. That stuff in your pocket, you think is money, nothing more than glorified car wash tokens.)

  Bureaucrats are word magicians, keeping the same intent while using a label that means the direct opposite. They keep saying you are "free" and at the same time pass legislation that mandates you must now pay a privilege to work tax.

  What does this mean? As for my situation, I met Donna Marie Swire (aka Colasurdo) while she was an inmate at the Schuylkill County Prison in 1998. After a while, without me realizing it, while she was still incarcerated, she already had me targeted for sperm scam #5. Laws and sentiment favor single mothers. Going through the domestic turnstile four times before, thought the fifth time would be no more difficult than the previous four.

  I was the ideal candidate. I held a unique, twenty-year-old criminal conviction and made bureaucratic employees nervous by what I said.

  The story begins, in mid-stream, mid 1999, shortly before Donna was relocated to Bucks County. Like a fish going to spawn, she was going home to plop out another kennel puppy. (Most of this story is, or will be, explained in other parts of this web site.)

  The purpose of this page is to present the documents that were generated during that time. See what you think.

  Each document will have an attached summary.


Updated: 12-01-2001