Separation Of Court And Church



  The above picture was published in the Wilkes-Barre, Citizen's Voice Newspaper, on 01-08-86. My first question to ponder, how much clout does one priest having with such a group belonging to his fold? With all due respect, I also wondered how many of this group were former alter boys?

  My general allegation is that the reason why men are discriminated against as a class based on sex and marital status is because "government" is virtually submissive to catholic ideology in regards to domestic relations and family law. (I will cover that in another section.)

  But for now, I also wondered how many other employees in the courthouse, such as from the district attorney's office, also belong to the same parish? Is "St.Therese, the Little Flower", the County Judicial Church?

  As for my ordeal that began in 1974, every "government" official, including the select neighbors, that were postured against me was a catholic.

  This is a tentative posting. I plan to enhance this section shortly.

Special Note

  I make no hesitation to say that I am anti-catholic. Every organization has the right to exist or perish on its own. Live and let live. But there is an historical issue to consider. For over the last hundred years society has been dragged onto a board game of privilege. Again, with all due respect, in a catholic utopia, like a prison, people have no rights, only leave to seek privilege.

  As for the catholic issue, it is the catholic concept of "authority" I contend with, not the individual. For the citizen, believe and do what you want.

  Question: What is the catholic concept of "authority"? That will be discussed in another section. Click Here.

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