Jim Crow Laws

First Draft

  For those who may not be familar with the phrase, "Jim Crow" laws were designed to disinfrancize the colored people. I will be posting a select group of laws that, in my opinion, bear a stricking similarity as to what is going on within domestic realations and/or children & youth .

  Yesterday people were segregated based on color. Today, its based on sex and marital status. Fathers are, as a matter of preadjudiated position, disinfrancized from their children by default.

  If I stand correct, one law made it necessary for a colored person to pass a literacy test before they were allowed to vote. It was later repealed since the law was designed as means to invent some excuse to prevent colored people from voting in the first place.

  As with Jim Crow mentality, fathers are confronted with proving themselves: postured against standands that are deliberately desgined to eliminate them from the selection process.