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  The picture below is a letter the solicitor for Bucks County Children & Youth, Attorney Brad Jackman, sent me on 03-01-00, via U.P.S., in regards to terminating my visitation for the first time. Prior to this, despite all efforts, I was prevented from seeing my daughter. It would take another four months before I held my daughter for the first time.

  Question: What was going on at that time? (Soon I will weave other pages on this site into this page, by the "Click Here".) As mentioned throughout this site, my daughter was targeted for a private adoption before the mother was relocated to, and gave birth in, Bucks County. All effort was being made to push me out of the picture to facilitate that end. I argue one reason was my daughter was injured on or about 02-23-2000, and since I had previously gave those involved written warnings, on various dates, that my daughter was a risk with the mother, this sifted liability into their laps. Furthermore, the court was stalling me for months preventing me from obtaining the appropriate paperwork so I could send it to Vital Records to have the birth certificate amended. I argue that Linda C. Fredericks, initial Conference Officer, first hindered process of court documents and then, when she could not stall any longer, backdated key documents. Click Here.

  Interesting to point out, this letter, along with a copy of his petition, besides being conducted without formal hearing, was sent via U.P.S.. Why? I argue my daughter was injured and they had to quickly invent some sort of reason to keep me away until her injuries healed. Click Here for related story. I also argue that another reason for making plans to have me arrested on some sort of terroristic threat charges was, besides keeping me from finding out about the injuries, to get me out of the picture altogether. Click Here. Also, Jackman's action was in retaliation because I filed a complaint of harassment and entrapment, via certified letter, against his client, Children & Youth. The complaint was ignored and, despite my request, I never received a letter of acknowledgment from the D.A.'s office nor from the police department.

  Interesting to point out, as seen below, he stated Children & Youth were seeking a "full psychiatric evaluation". They needed some excuse. According to Jackman's petition, he was alleging that I was, in part, anti-government and used several terms to disparage my personal character. What evidence was there? I argue that is why he didn't want a fair hearing, allowing me to be present, hoping that the judge would summarily grant his request then hoping some friend of the court would provide post credence to his allegations. The trail of eight doctors speaks for itself. Click Here for related story. Anyway, here, in the letter below, he is seeking a full evaluation. But for a stall factor, apparently he changed plans so the first evaluation was conducted "only to see if Mr. Stanziola would pose a threat to the child". How insulting.

  As for the hearing date in question, he forgot to mention that I was demanding a full hearing.

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