The Unwanted Intruder

  On 02-23-2000, Children & Youth seized my daughter. (Click Here for that story.) Early in the morning, on 02-24-2000, I got a call, a man telling me what happened the night before as an anonymous tip. Then I was informed that Children & Youth were going to have me arrested on some sort of terroristic threat charges. (With all that was going on, such as notification that DNA testing was going to be forged several months earlier, I went on instinct and let things play out and take one step at a time.) A temporary placement hearing was held on 02-25-2000, lasting under four minutes, whereby Children & Youth obtained "custody". The "key", more or less, was the then social worker Karen Murray (who I refer to as Ms. Hard Nipples. Click Here.)

  After the hearing, with what seemed a certain next move to have me arrested on bogus charges, it was time to test the waters, as they say. Gail Moyer and her son, Nick, accompanied me on the 85 mile drive to Doylestown, Pa. They were with me at the courthouse. Going on a direct route back home, to get on the turnpike, I decided to stop on at the main office of Children & Youth. I told them to wait in the car. Plan? Like I said, testing the waters. Strategy? If Children & Youth were going to have me arrested they would not delay and do so post haste. That is why I stopped at the main office. They would not let me have contact with their employees, without incident, and then, shortly afterwards, claim that I was some sort of threat. Why such a move? To gain some control in an otherwise uncontrollable situation. To make them jump the gun, so to speak and thereby disrupt a rehearsed maneuver.

  Their main office was on the second floor. There was no signs that say something like "By Appointment Only." They are a public agency, not a private business. I walked up to the receptionist, sitting behind the window, and asked her if I could speak to Kelly V. (A different social worker who was originally assigned to the case.) I was told that Kelly was in the office and for me to have a seat and wait. (I was at that office twice before within the previous months and always conducted myself with courtesy and respect.)

  As the elevator opens on the second floor, you walk into the lobby of Children & Youth. After talking to the receptionist, while I signed the visitor's log, she told me to have a seat and wait: that is what I did, like a peace of cheese. If the receptionist told me to leave, for what ever reason, I would of done so.

  About fifteen minutes later, three police officers arrived, who came into the lobby area and asked me what I was doing there. I explained, such as how I was told to have a seat and wait. They said I was to be escorted out of the building. On the way down the elevator, I gave further information. (The officers were very polite and professional.)

  I asked for their business card and left. After arriving home, I drafted a complaint to the District Attorney's Office charging Children & Youth with harassment and entrapment and mailed it certified. In retaliation, the solicitor for Children & Youth went to the judge personally and obtained an ex parte Order (without formal hearing) suspending my visitation which also including that I had to stay 500 yards away from their office. Why didn't they continue with their plan to have me arrested? Too many unwanted witnesses and a paper trail in the form of a police report favorable to my position. So, I guess, in a panic attack, Children & Youth needed time to huddle. (Click Here for additional information.)

  Is this what "government" has become?

  As soon as possible I drove back down to Doylestown and wanted to get a copy of the police report. (Like I did at the main office of Children & Youth, I walked into the police station, without appointment, and conducted myself in a responsible manner. Gail and her son, Nick, came along that day as well.) The dispatcher, after I stated my request, without me asking said, "We get calls from there all the time". (That will be covered in a different section.) Officer Moller was there that day and asked if I could speak with him. We had a short conversation and thanked him for his time.

  I have three documents making up the police report; a report based on Children & Youth's version of events prior to the police involvement. (Of all my years in dealing with given police officers and/or police departments, this report is the most non-biased account I have every seen. I was impressed.)

  More of this will be covered in different sections. The first is the receipt. The next page has the actual report.



Updated: 12-13-2001