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   This page is designated for Attorney Lisa Ann Horne, Guardian Ad Litem, seemingly appointed by the court to "defend" my daughter in the custody matter.

  The story begins on 05-29-2001, a scheduled hearing was suppose to finalize the custody issue in my favor. When arriving at the courthouse, that is when I met Ms. Horne for the first time. As the hearing began, before Judge Cynthia Rufe, I got sucker punched by Ms. Horne and the bizarre, hearsay statements she made, and I learned that Dr. Clark's report (recommending that I receive immediate custody) was not presented to the judge and not made part of the record. (We'll get back to that shortly.)

  After the hearing, I asked Ms. Horne if I could speak with her. We started a conversation that lasted for several minutes as we walked out of the courthouse together and stood on the sidewalk, briefly, before going separate ways. It was there, Ms. Horne said, "Believe me, Mr. Stanziola, we want you to have your daughter".

  I was puzzled. There, next to the gutter, off the record, she made that statement. Her posture and remarks during the hearing said the opposite. I also asked her if she knew about Carolyn's past with her divorce, her husband's editorial and subsequent murder-suicide. A few days after the hearing, I believe on 06-02-2001, I drove down to Ms. Horne's office and gave her pictures of my daughter's injuries that happened while under the care of Carolyn. Interesting to point out, she made no comment on the pictures. Click Here to see the pictures.

  Time has a way of its own. As mentioned on a different page of this site, I recently obtained documentation that Carolyn Giannini, the foster mother, was listed as "informant". Click Here for related story.

  So, Ms. Horne, has a snitch as the only credible witness to provide dirt, a snitch who wants my baby and has a history of skill alienating children from their father. Click Here for related story. At that time two evaluations, conducted by doctors of their choice, were both in my favor.

  As for the test of integrity, I want to see if Ms. Horne will admit making that statement mentioned above at the next hearing.

  From research I've obtained, Ms. Horne is a former public defender. Read some of the cases she handled.

  Ms. Horne, it seems, was assigned to this custody matter at the same time Dr. Clark was designated to conduct an evaluation. Interesting. I had prior knowledge that "Plan A" was a charade and therefore speculated that Dr. Clark's participation was a smoke screen. (It would seem so, since his report was not made part of the record as if it never was intended to be submitted.) When unsupervised visits began, I took extreme caution: borrowing the "informant" word, I was informed of what was really going on behind the scenes. As time went on, comparing words and deeds, well, things spoke for itself.

  The first clue that Carolyn was an "informant" (aka snitch), revealed itself when I tested the waters by sending Carolyn a letter. Shortly afterwards, during a scheduled supervised visit with my daughter, on 10-13-2000, Jodi handed me a letter giving me instructions that I was not allowed to speak with Carolyn. I sent the letter to get a paper trail and they happily complied. Click Here.

  Strategy in all this was simple. They had no dirt so they will invent dirt. (Same crap they do in prison. Click Here for related story.) Carolyn had a mission: to make me look bad in the process of manufacturing dirt. So, how does one get some level of control in the matter? Play along for one thing. The most dangerous instrument in all this was my daughter's diaper. Click Here for related story.

  It seemed obvious that the plan at hand is as follows: Use Dr. Clark as diversion, using his contact with me to gain further information as an axillary "informant", hoping before he had to submit a report invent something that would cancel out his involvement. (Shortly, I will be posting the complaint letter I sent to the Department of State, Board of licensing against Dr. Anthony Clark. Click Here for related story.)

  Carolyn failed to realize she has terrible poker face. I baited her and she nibbled at the cheese in regards to the potty story at the same time she was playing snitch and inventing dirt. The very night I brought my daughter back, mentioned select tid-bits to Carolyn, I went home and faxed Jodi the full version of events, hoping that Carolyn would be herself. (Why did I mention anything at all? ) Out of desperation, on 05-27-2001, two days before the hearing, Carolyn and her daughter, Amanda, took my daughter to the local hospital to invent dirt in the emergency room. Click Here for potty story.

  With this I break sequence for a moment. Karen Murray failed her test of integrity. On 02-25-2000, I met Ms. Murray for the second time: second being at the courthouse. After the four minute meeting she said two things: first, "I just learned you have a murder conviction. If I would of known that I would of added that to the petition". (I thought to myself, thank's for the tip. It prompted me to immediately write a certified letter to the district attorney of Luzerne County with a copy sent to the Bucks County Court.) Also, I asked her a simple question, was my daughter injured? After all I went through, as the father, concerned about my daughter, I had a right to know. The petition claimed Donna was running down [not a street or road] but a highway with the baby in her arms. This was plausible because Donna is a runner when she freaks out on cocaine. In reply, Ms. Murray said said in a cocky voice, "I really don't have to tell you anything". While saying this, as she unfolded her arms, her nipples were hard and thought they were going to poke holes in her blouse. (From then on I referred to her as Ms. Hard Nipples.) A few days later, when I requested a full dependency hearing(*) Ms. Murray sat on the witness stand, as if getting all cozy with Uncle Billy, and denied making that statement because, in part, they don't prosecute for perjury in domestic cases. She also had to cancel out liability on two counts. First, my daughter was injured and I gave Children & Youth prior written notice that my daughter was in danger with the mother. So, Ms. Murray recanted and said that Donna wasn't running with the baby claiming that she later found out it didn't happen. Second, that gave need to have me arrested on some sort of bogus terroristic threat charge to keep me from seeing the baby. (From what I understand, it took several months before my daughter's injuries were healed. Click Here for related story.)

  Before I forget, Ms. Horne, that day on 05-29-2001, also said she was assigned for the "best interest of the child". Click Here to read about denial. The solicitor, Attorney Brad Jackman, stated on his petition of 09-13-2001, that I had "mental problems". He is not a trained psychologist. Second, at that time two doctors of his choosing contradicted any such allegations. My position? I seek fairness and equity. I seek to uphold the Constitution, in part, for separation of church and state. Boy oh boy, I must have problems. I seek to protect my daughter's lineage: that of being Jewish and have strongly complained about her being raised as a pagan slut by a bunch of Jesus freaks in a cult environment.

  (*) At that time, I was notified that my daughter was destined to leave Bucks County in regards to the private adoption: at that time I didn't know where or with whom. I had no choice but to demand a full dependency hearing to gain some control. I view it as burning bridges that day. Later on I found the family that was suppose to get my daughter, the Reese family from the Dannville area. Drove to their house with my daughter and talked to them in person.

  Note: From the beginning, starting on 12-12-1998, when Donna told me she was pregnant, and how things unfolded, she had the advantage and it seemed obvious it was going to take some time until the dust settled before I could grasp what was taking place and who was involved. Thankful that along the way a few key people helped more than they will ever understand. It wasn't until I was standing face to face with Karen Murray, on 02-25-2000, that a big piece of the puzzle fell into place. In part, it was like talking to Donna wearing a Murray suit, or, like talking to Murray wearing a Donna suit. Either way, I was able to comprehend the depth of intrigue for the two women were like clones. (In one letter I wrote, as sarcastic gesture, I said Donna should be nominated as the patron saint of social workers. Click Here to see the Poster Child of Children & Youth.

  Additional information will be posted shortly.

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