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Union Discussion

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The Fathers' Rights of Hazleton speaks about the real reason why fathers are discriminated against. Time to re-think child custody, family law, concept of the marriage license, roles of each parent. This site firmly believes in the separation of church and state, and is divided into five main topics or areas of interest: Family, Zoning, Union, unofficial site for Children & Youth and Archive. The archive section deals primarily in documinting my struggle gaining custody of my daughter and past experience with the ever intrusive areas of personal freedom as a citizen. Hope you find something of interest. The index page has a search option to aid in your experience.


For the past 16 months this site has not been updated. That will change soon. During these past months, ever since I obtained full custody of my daughter, I've spent this time getting my life together.

Thank you for your patience. Many new features will be added.

Posted: 01-01-05

Mission Statement

Long And Winding Road

  Providing useful information for those men who have, currently are, or WILL be involved in the messy business of dealing with your children.

  The purpose of this web site is to discuss ways in reducing domestic violence with several agendas. Yes, ways to reduce violence:

    (1) Hoping to have laws changed to promote fairness and equity so that men are not discriminated against on the basis of sex and marital status.

    (2) Advisories of what maybe encountered and the pitfalls of the system.

    (3) Links to various sites.

    (4) Personal Story.

    (5) List of phone numbers to various agencies.

    (6) Several More...

  Suggestions will be appreciated. Feed back is welcomed.

  Finally, after 2 1/2 years, the day has arrived. I was sent written notification that on 06-03-02, my daughter will be released into my custody. Then on the following day, 6-04-02, the last formality having the court endorse the paperwork. (I won't be able to say its over until I receive a copy of the actual "discharge papers".

  (I have the "discharge papers" and a copy will be posted shortly. )

  One aspect of this site was to make a journal of events as they happened. Also, to present my views as to how the system can be changed to achieved equality; a view that centers on separation of church and state.

  As the above notice indicates, this site is still under construction. Within the last several months I have been drafting a major revision to this site hoping to arrange the information in distinct areas of interest and enhance the presentation.

  Click Here to read, what I hope to be, the last chapter of this domestic journey: the day my daughter comes home.

Read His Editorial Six Months Before A Tragedy!

 Page is dedicated to the late, Leslie R. Giannini, from Quakertown, Pa.

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