This is a picture of my ex-wife and the notice in the paper. I married the same woman twice within six months and we lived together two months, non-consecutive. A year later divorced. The picture below was published in the Hazleton, Standard Speaker Newspaper on 07-26-1974. Her maiden name, Marydonna Jean Scatton.

  Brief story for now. We met in junior high school. Upon graduation we went separate ways: I joined the Coast Guard during the Vietnam Era and she furthered her studies in nursing. In the summer of 1973 our paths crossed quite unexpectedly. Things resumed and by late fall we were talking of marriage. Upon my suggestion and her approval, both being 21 years old, we decided to skip a typical church wedding, went to Philadelphia and eloped in February, 1974. Immediately upon returning our marriage was brought under attack. Why? Religious intolerance. Even though both families belonged to the same parish, it was considered that since we were not married in the "eyes of God", it was ordered that we could not sleep together, she could not use my last name or wear her wedding ring until we could be re-marriage in a catholic church. That endured for six months. When the day came for the church wedding, on July 20, 1974, not one member of my family attended because of all things my wife wore a white wedding dress. The damage was already done, the stress and compounding embarrassment was a strain that tore us apart.

  The main reason why the marriage was destroyed? Hazleton, then as now, was a predominately catholic area. It was common knowledge I was not going to raise my children catholic. So, what we had almost 28 years ago was a catholic inquisition. Shortly I will update this segment which will include copies of pictures that survived. (Most of the pictures were destroyed without my permission.) Update: Read story below concerning the lost wedding album.


  While preparing this section for the site, several weeks ago I went to the local library to research old newspaper articles and found the above notice as appeared in the paper. On 11-01-2001, I had an appointment with my attorney that afternoon, in regards to my custody case, so I left work early and stopped off at a bank in downtown Hazleton to cash a check. Returning to my car, I noticed some activity in the old Cal Pane Studio (which has been out of business for some time). Don't ask my why, but I entered and began what I thought was going to be a short conversation about the picture that appeared in the paper. The owner, to my suprise, remember who I was, recounted what he knew and told me the wedding album was never picked up. This was a total shock because I never knew an album was completed let alone abandoned. He said it might still be down in the basement amongst his archives. A few days later, on Saturday, 11-03-2001, a brief search found not only the album but the complete set of negatives and a large portriat: items, for 27 years, laided in the basement of his studio. Yes, twenty-seven years. In a few weeks I will upload select pictures from the album to the photo gallery as listed on the main page.