Ethnic Genocide, Part Two

  In part, I am being accused of "glorifying violence" in regards to the shotgun picture on the previous page. (Click Here) As a result, plans are underway to terminate my "rights" with my daughter. (I don't have a copy of Jackman's petition yet.)

  As for "glorifying violence", how can catholics explain away the two pictures below? They hang such things on a wall, often life-size or larger, an effigy of a dying human having grotesque details including dripping blood.(1) Then allow little children to gaze upon it. Since Children & Youth are predominately catholics, they are hypocrites and bigots two-fold. First, they take offense to the shotgun picture (because it pricks their conscience), then they take offense that I would make "mockery" of their favorite icon. On the one hand they are desensitized to violent images and, on the other, claim to be in shock.

Pauil said, "And if [the Messiah] be not raised, your faith is vain..."



Who killed the Messiah?   Using modern terminology,  a Roman SWAT team.



 Moral of the story? If I hang a picture on a web site, that's no good. Yet the same people that criticize me, hang a dead body on their wall.

 Special note to my friends in Children & Youth, this web site is less than four months old. Being inexperienced in building web sites, I'm learning as I proceed. I can't upload everything in one day. Nor can I compile all the material and cross reference the pages together as intended in one day. It seems Brad Jackman was in a hurry to pull that shotgun picture out of context. Oh well.

  As I have stated on the home page of this site, I am pro-life. During the pregnancy, Donna Marie Swire threatened me to have an abortion several times if I continued trying to prevent her from using drugs while pregnant. During the pregnancy I was the only one who was concerned about my daughter's safety and welfare. I was thankful for Trooper Surmik, Hazleton barracks, to intervene: notified Connie Karasow, director of Libertae, that, after the birth, if the child was damaged as a result of drug abuse during the pregnancy he was going to have Donna arrested. (No wonder Connie made sure the umbilical cord was destroyed so it couldn't be tested.)

  The picture below is an abortion. I consider very graphic. Why should women at Children & Youth be offended? As I have stated two years ago in a letter to Karen Murray, social worker, I wonder how many women at Children & Youth had an abortion? Yet they walk around claiming to be so concerned about children? You must be retarded to think that because I post these pictures I either endorse or glorify violence. I do so hoping to arouse attention that it should end. It is a typical approach to pro-life organizations, kind of shock therapy, to bring the realism into focus so people can see what is taking place behind closed doors and beyond peripheral concerns, since most people walk around with blinders.

  Where did the picture come from? Go to: (One of many web sites I could mention.) This site has a large photo gallery of pictures. I look at such pictures and get the chills, since my baby could of ended up like this. As opinion, because "government" (i.e. bureaucrats) favor catholic ideology, they let women to have total, arbitrary discretion.


  Moral of the story? If I hang a picture on a web site, that's no good. Yet the same people that criticize me, hang a dead body on their wall.

  Footnote: What is beyond my comprehension, we are suppose to have an equal rights amendment to the Constitution: no age discrimination. An un-born baby can lose its head and no one seems to care. If this happened to a born child, Children & Youth would be stirred up like a hornet's nest. Yet years later, when the child grows up to be a father, they don't care if a man-child would lose his head as pictured on the previous page. Judge Biehn, making small talk, asked me during the last hearing on 11-27-2001, how I felt about the recent "terrorist" bombing on 09-11-2001. (2)

  (1) The year, 2000, a picture on the front page of the Citizen's Voice Newspaper appeared, were a few church leaders made a stink about a Wilkes-Barre businessman hanging a grotesque, life-size effigy of a man during Halloween, affixed to his store sign above the sidewalk. Such pressure forced the businessman to take down the effigy. I faxed a letter to the editor claiming, in part, that those who were complaining acted as hypocrites and referred to the "Crucifix". The editorial was published though highly censored.

(2) On Sep. 11th, a religious fanatic completes his task and destroys twin towers and great loss of life. Society justly calls that "evil". Many centuries ago, there were twin cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, that met the same fate of fire and destruction; only difference there was greater loss of both life and property. Yet, society is told that was something "good". Wouldn't it be ironic, if doing a reverse chronological date check, if those two cities also were destroyed on Sept.11th. If so, would that be a "good" day or "bad" day?

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Posted: 01-11-2002

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