Ethnic Genocide

Dead Man Walking


  This picture(1) below is, I believe, a white male who blew his head off with a shotgun. What drives a person to do such a thing? Be a father today and experience the feeling. Yes, fathers are to be the extinct species. I dedicated this web site to Leslie R. Giannini, a man who did the same thing over his children. Another masterpiece of Children & Youth. (Click Here for his story.)

  At is stands now, Children & Youth are committing ethnic genocide against my lineage. How? First of all, as I have stated throughout this web site, my daughter was selected for a black market adoption before she was born. In this money equation, fathers are not needed or wanted.

  So, when all attempts were made to get me out of the picture, the next best thing is to get me out of existence. How? Turn my daughter into a pagan slut. What is that? Since I use the phrase I get to define it. Definition (a): A pagan slut is a child without a father. (See word list, Click Here.)

  My daughter has been living with a bunch of Jesus freaks in a cult environment, skilled in the art of alienating a child from the father. Children & Youth keeps telling the court my daughter is "safe". (Click Here to see some pictures.) Last year, shortly after Children & Youth seized my daughter, I filed a motion to have my daughter placed with a Jewish foster family. What happened? A few weeks after I filed, the clerk wrote me a letter saying that the court (which was Judge Biehn at the time) did not want to address my issues. So, the clerk became the judge and handed down a decision that was not made part of the record. More sanitizing of the record.

  What has Children & Youth become? Well, a house of women, mostly catholic or catholic sympathizers, supported by catholic agencies like The United Way, are doing what catholics have always done: ethnic genocide; an art that was perfected during the Catholic Inquisition. These catholics soon learned the error of their ways. How? They no longer burn fathers at the stake, keep them alive, suck the life out of them for greater profit. If the fathers can't take the pain, who cares if they blow their head off, Children & Youth cash in on the social security and other assists the fathers had. In many cases a father is worth more dead than alive. So, indirectly, men are still facing genocide in a way that Children & Youth can claim no liability. Emotional torture, sense of helplessness, leaves no tangible links of liability.

  A few years ago there was a movie called, Dead Man Walking. So as for ethnic genocide, the way I see it, they want to bread me out of existence, molest my daughter, rape her mind, so they can turn her into a pagan slut. In that respect, to destroy my lineage is to destroy me: no different than committing murder.

  The Catholic Church claims they are pro-life, against abortion. What a joke. They invented the abortion, such as political abortion and ethnic abortion.

  Examples of ethnic genocide: (1) A smart man will say, "I'm not having any children. Its not worth all the trouble". I call this self-genocide(a), choosing to exterminate one's lineage and gene pool. (2) A smart man gets a woman pregnant and walks away leaving her with the child. This is self-genocide(b), where the man accepts the propaganda labels of being a "dead beat dad". As a matter of personal survival, doesn't care. (3), (4), (5) and (6) will be added shortly.

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 (1) During a recent, almost "hearing", on 02-12-2002, my one attorney said that Attorney Lisa Ann Horne claimed my whole world revolves around violence. Anyway, if the shotgun picture was a postage stamp, or her menstrual cloth, it would soon lose its exaggerated hype. She opened the door for me to see how much of her world revolves around violence. The other picture is of the Beatles' Yesterday And Today album that was released in June, 1966. It caused a major uproar. Were the Beatles glorifying violence? Click Here to see more controversy.


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Posted: 12-15-2001

Updated: 02-14-2002