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 Today, 02-09-2002, I had a three hour meeting with my two lawyers in regards to the upcoming hearing set for 02-12-2002, at 2:30 pm. During this time, they wanted me to walk them through my web site and comment, explain or clarify this and that. As we were going over the site index, seeing the picture of Gandhi, one lawyer said, "He was a wife beater." (I didn't know that and take his remark as correct.) However, that got me thinking.

  So what! He was a man, against great odds, challenged the might, arrogance and oppression of the English Empire. He strove for non-violence, yet, that did not prevent the English to use violence to suppress a non-violent people.

  Hey, we all have a faults. I could name many, many famous men of history, who did great things, who had their share of skid marks on their underwear.

  We can mention that Thomas Jefferson, known as a great man, happened to own slaves. We had Moses, the "Father Of Law", confess to murder. We had King David, who lusted after another man's wife, sent him to battle anticipating his death so to clear the way for David to marry the widow. On and on.

  Now, Click Here to review the great deeds of a wife beater.

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