Conflict Of Interest

First Draft

  If someone is elected as a state representative for example, according to their oath of office, their job is to uphold the constitution in the course of serving those in their district. As a representative, if "laws" are passed, they are to be in harmony with the state/federal constitution in such areas as non-discrimination.

  I found an interesting "law" from an official catholic book which reads:

  "Interference With The Liberty, Rights, Jurisdiction of the Church. The following incur an excommunication latae sententiae specially reserved to the Holy See: (1) those who issue laws, mandates, or decrees contrary to the freedom or rights of the Church; (2) those who directly or indirectly impede the exercise of ecclesiastical jurisdiction either of the internal or external forum, and for this purpose have recourse to any lay authority (c.2334)"

  Source: Cannon Law, A Text And Commentary, first printing 1939, fourth edition (revised) 1966. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 66-16640, page 929.

  So a question, how can someone, who is a devout catholic, get elected as a public servant, go to Harrisburg, and make "laws" that are contrary to the Catholic Church?

  We have a duress factor at work. I was born and raised as a catholic in a catholic area. We were told that "hell" was real and was a place of torture, pain and suffering beyond description. As if we lived our lives standing on the trap door of the gallows, and at any time, the priest could pull the lever and send us to "hell". In such a world of fear, better learn to kiss the ass of a catholic priest.

  As for the "liberty, rights and jurisdiction" of the Catholic Church, simply, they claim that everyone is under their jurisdiction and authority whether they realize it or not. That means you. No one can get "saved" unless they totally surrender to the Church. That all valid and legal civil government are only that which the Church endorses or gives approval.

  (That means both the State and Federal Constitution are invalid documents because, written by Protestants, the heretics, were never endorsed and never formally recognized by the Church.)

  Coming soon. This section will be linked to a page called Declaration Of Defiance, Click Here.

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