The Confidant

  The picture below is Gail Moyer and her two sons. In the summer of 1998, Gail was an inmate in Schuylkill County Prison during the same time Donna Swire (aka Colasurdo) was incarcerated. Gail was one of Donna's confidants. When Donna was released in October, 1998, the two continued corresponding and phone calls. The following year, 1999, Gail was released and relocated to Ashland, Pa. She made contact with me and disclosed, in part, the following information.

  Gail informed me that during the summer of 1998, while both were in prison together, Donna said she was going to have another baby when she got out of jail. At first Gail thought Donna was only talking stupid. (Gail knew of Donna's other four children, how she used drugs during each pregnancy. Gail also knew that when Donna was pregnant with her first child, Althea, about seven months pregnant, in 1986, she was then incarcerated in Schuylkill County Prison and, while pregnant, got involved in a fist fight with another inmate.) During this time, in 1998, Donna was confiding in Gail, thinking her plans were secure.

  The following year, 1999, after Gail was released from prison, she went out of her way to contact me to give assistance. After a conversation over the phone, I asked Gail if she would sign an affidavit to what she told me. She agreed. I typed out the following and drove down to see her in Ashland. During the time Gail made contact with me, shortly thereafter I found out when my daughter was born. Gail wanted to help because she also knew Donna was going to give the child up for adoption. During that time I sent copies of this affidavit to Children & Youth. (Little did I know they already knew of the plans for a private adoption and were assisting in its completion. Several months ago, in the summer of 2001, I located the family that live in Dannville, Pa. who admitted to their involvement in the attempt for private adoption.) Gail continued to help me for the next several months, such as testifying at a hearing on my behalf.


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