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Pictures Of Old Sawmill Road

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Before I continue, Old Sawmill Road is about 1/5 of a mile in length, a dead-end road that is in deplorable condition. In the last nine years that I've been living here, only once has the road been patched, and that was, I believe, paid by federal money when new water lines were installed in the area; patch work to the excavation of the road . As for "tax dollars", I should go to the township main office to get the names and addresses of those who are either hired workers, elected officials, past and present, who live in Foster Township, including their family members, to inspect the roads where they live for comparison to see what roads get deferential treatment. Simply, I should see if the township board has had a history of using its position for self-serving ends, at the expense of others. Who knows, maybe if you're in the click, live in Foster Township, the road gets paved near your house.

  The pictures below, Pictures #5 to #11, are all of the Old Sawmill Road, taken on 06-23-2002, facing west. In pictures #5, #6 and #7, for example, shows the left side of Saw Mill Road that became a "hot spot" having a large pile of pallets tossed in a heap by employees of a local meat packing plant. As I promised, as soon as I got my daughter out of a catholic prison, which was on 06-03-2002, given a few weeks to make adjustments, I promptly began to remedy the matter because I didn't want pallets there. Never did. (Keep in mind, not too far from where these pictures were taken, well, I'm surrounded by illegal dumps as the pictures on the previous page disclose.)

 Picture #5 Facing  west.

Picture #6 Facing west.

Picture #7 Facing west.

Picture #8 Facing west.

Update Photo #7

A little bit of history. Look at Picture #6. Where I'm standing facing west, next to the left side of the road, for over 75 years there was a trench that quickly got wider and deeper as it proceeded west that ended up in a boomerang shape covering about 1/4 mile in length. In Picture #7, where the pallets are stock piled, it was a common dump for the village that came virtually next to the road's edge. In all that time, the township board did nothing. Through my initiative, time and expense, I had a large section of the large hole filled in. Picture #8, which can be viewed as a close up of Picture #7, is the extent of how much of the hole was filled in. Picture #9 is looking down into the hole which is about 35 feet deep and extends for over 500 feet, having the other end over 60 feet deep. (Shortly I'll provide a copy of an old mining map that shows the extent of the original hole.)

  Pictures #10 and #11, show the bend in Old Sawmill Road that leads to a few houses in what can be considered an isolated group.


 Picture #9 Facing west.

Picture #10 Facing west.

Picture #11 Facing west.

Picture #12 Main intersection facing north.

Update Photo #12

  Pictures #12 to #17, show the underground drainage pipe that floods my property with millions of gallons of water each year. Instead of the pipe following the gutter along side SR 2053, as Picture #12 shows, for some reason it was directed facing my property. Pictures #12 is enhanced to show where the drainage pipe is routed and where is should be routed. What makes matters worse, up on the hill there is a baseball field that acts like a large basin collecting water that runs down the steep hill towards the drainage ditch. The water exits the pipe with tremendous force. With all the stuff that is mixed in, such as gravel, sometimes twice a year I have to clean the trench, over 85 feet in length, to channel the water hoping to minimize the nuisance and flood damage.

 Picture #13 North end, drain entrance.

Picture #14 South end, drain exit.

Picture #15 Drainage ditch flooding property.

Picture #16 Main intersection facing south.


  Picture #16 also shows how the drainage pipe is routed and how it should be routed. There is no excuse for the pipe to be aimed at my property. Picture #17 shows the main intersection on the east side of SR 2053. The enhanced mark indicates how the drainage pipe is routed so the water continues down the gutter. Why the township didn't use the same logic for the drainage pipe on my side of the road is beyond me.

Picture #17 South end, drain exit.



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