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Foster Township, SR 2053

Second Draft, The Cal Zone Report

  As you will see throughout this site, it took me 43 months and over 43 thousand dollars to get my daughter out of a catholic prison. This endeavor put my whole life on hold since 1998. One thing that suffered so to speak, besides my finances, was my property. Arrangements were made with a local meat packing plant, in 1996, that they could drop off their pallets on my property with several conditions: namely that they had to stack them neatly. What happened? Two years ago pallets were being tossed in a big heap. With so much going on with my daughter, setting priorities and the crisis before me, pallets were the last thing on my mind. I was suppose to get "custody" on 05-29-2001 but the foster family, in part, desperate to keep my daughter, dragged things out for another year.

  By the end of 2001, in the middle of winter, I get a call from the "Zoning Officer" about the pallets. I told him of the situation I was in with my daughter and that as soon as things were resolved, weather cooperating, I would then be able to take care of the matter. I told him I didn't put the pallets there (in the "hot spot" location) and I didn't want pallets there.

  In short, I finally get finished with one legal battle lasting 43 months and immediately have a new court action whereby I am making a constitutional challenge. (More will be posted shortly.) It saddens me that if the custody matter was finalized last year this current mess with zoning would not be a present issue. Oh well. I compare this to political after-shocks.

  I don't know were you live, but Highland Village? Old coal company town, in the middle of mining fields, that hasn't change much in the last 100 years. The "Zoning Officer" in his complaint to the court, detaching his words from the area profile, wants to paint a picture as if my alleged "violations" were taking place in the some sort of fancy development. (Again, I don't know about where you live but Highland Village doesn't have sewers and many residents still have out-houses in their back yards.) So, to balance out things, I list the following.

  The pictures below were taken near my property on 06-18-02. The first two pictures show a location about 300 feet from the end of my property, going south, having junk scattered a few feet from SR 2053, commonly known as the Eckley Road. The second two pictures are of two separate garbage dumps located about 400 feet from the end of my property in a south-west direction. Combined, having about 2,000 tires not counting other things. (More pictures will be posted.)

 Picture #1

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

  So, given the area, the Foster Township Board looks the other way if the property is owned either by someone in their click or other special considerations. Picture #4b was taken on 6-29-02, of SR 2053, about a mile south of my property that shows someone littering the highway with a sofa. This practice is common in Foster Township.

Picture #4b

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