The first two pictures below are of the inner chambers of the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court. My first impression was gazing upon a cathedral with elegant stained glass windows without the windows. Where is separation of church and state? I consider this exhibit damaging since the Constitution declares that no religion is to be favored. This room reeks of religion, or I should say, a specific brand of Christianity. Upon the back wall, enlarged by the second picture, is a mural of Moses and the Ten Commandments.

  Heh, don't get me wrong, I like the guy but what is Moses doing on the wall depicted within a mural? Christians have long disliked Jews yet we consider Moses as the "Father Of Law" so I guess we make an exception. What if this court was dominated by Muslims and they decided to redecorate? The next picture might be suited for a Muslim court. Do you like it? The possibility? The Christians would be up in arms, don't you think? So.....


  Jewish Hero "A" verses Muslim Hero "B"


  it could be argued that the Muslims would call the Christians hypocrites. Why? Who was Moses anyway? Anyone ever read "Exodus, 2:11-15"? By one single act Moses was a premeditated murderer, thief, liar and coward. What? Premeditated? He first looked to see if anyone was watching before he killed a man. Thief? Took a man's life without just cause, no eye for an eye situation. Liar? Hid the body in the sand to bear false witness to events. Coward? Fled prosecution. We know of this story because Moses is given credit for writing the first five books. That makes him giving a confession and at least cancelling out his lie by telling the truth about what he did. Was Moses a violent man?

  With all the news about "terrorists", defining things as American the "good" against "evil", everybody is somebody's Mr. Badman. At one time, if you read history, the English Crown viewed the founding fathers of America as criminals and, I believe, tried in absentia and convicted of treason for rebelling against the King. If the Revolution was lost no doubt they would of been hanged.

  Where is this leading? To one group, Moses is a good man. No doubt there are many (after all world wide Muslims hold a majority), consider Ben Laden a good man fighting a "holy struggle" against "capitalistic dogs". Pennsylvania is a diverse group of citizens holding a multitude of beliefs. All the more reason for separation of church and state.

  Conclusion? No one's picture should be in that room. Some would say the courts are corrupt. Do you agree? I could argue the judges placed the Ten Commandments on the wall only to turn their backs to the morality said tablets are claimed to represent as they sit down before the public.

  Posted: 11-07-2001