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Second update: I have added an additional page to this topic, with a second copy of the two page Acknowledgment Of Paternity, Waiver Of Trial form, to show what I consider further proof of forged and/or backdated documents. The two page document in question was originally signed on 10-19-1999 by both parties, Attorney Williams and Conference Officer, Linda C. Fredericks. The second page, where the judge is to sign, has the date as 10-13-1999. Two months later I received a certified copy of the two page document as shown below, certified on 12-20-1999. Next, is a certified copy of the same two page document sent to me by Ms. Fredericks, certified on 02-15-2000. Look at the second page and compare in relation to the certified dates. She manually changed the date from the 13th to the 28th and a rubber-stamped signature of a judge appears to indicate that said judge affixed his signature on 10-28-1999. How can that be? On 12-21-99, almost two months after the 28th, I received a certified copy that has no judge's signature and the date was not manually changed. What do you think? Also, it seems Ms. Fredericks could not stall any longer after months of my persistence. On 02-15-2000, once those papers were certified, Children & Youth had to do something quick and in less then ten days took the baby from the mother. Coincidence? There is also a supplement that speaks of what I consider his deliberate action to stall my attempt to file for custody in 1999. Click Here.

  As I have mentioned in several parts of this site, I was notified that DNA testing was going to be forged as means of desperation to get me out of the picture to facilitate a private adoption. (Links to previous pages will be added below.)

  Short summary: Before Donna left Luzerne County on 04-27-1999, to be transferred to Bucks County, plans were already under way to facilitate a private adoption. My daughter was born on 08-09-1999, about three months later. Donna's plan, more or less, was to stay in hiding until the baby was born, then file some sort of false charges. Having a father involved was not part of the plan. (At this point Children & Youth were on the side line as a silent partner.) Two things intervened to block such attempts. (a) Within two weeks after she was transferred, a government official told me where Donna was located. (People who get admitted to a drug center are cloaked in secrecy; as if she could disappear.) (b) Second, Donna's one friend, also broke ranks, knew what she was doing and gave me a large amount of letters Donna wrote, including filling in much detail. (What happened next, before the birth, is linked below.)

  My daughter was almost five weeks old before I knew of the birth. What happened at the first conference is discussed on a different page. But for now, after the first conference and what happened that day, I immediately went to the Controller's Office, obtained a copy of the contract listing the testing company and notified them of my concerns. (Since I was paying for the test, I wanted them to send the bill to me and also send the test results directly to my address whereby I could submit them to the court. The court was furious. A copy of one letter will be posted dealing with that episode.)

  About a month after testing, I received a letter from the Conference Officer stating that the results identified me as the father. But she did not send me a certified copy of the test results. Furthermore, she attached an Acknowledgment Of Paternity, Waiver Of Trial form (as shown below) with instructions requesting me to sign and forward by mail. (I called my sister, who is an attorney, about the matter. I told her I wanted a certified copy of the test results and that I wanted the court to declare I was the father, with a judge's signature, based on the test results. She tried very hard for me to sign the form and mail it in, as is. I refused. Her dealings in this will be posted separately.)

  I contacted a law firm from Quakertown and Attorney Williams, III, who was to represent me. Again, I insisted that I wanted the court to issue a Decree that I was the father based on the test results. (That was more important to me than having a birth certificate.)

  When he arrived at court, and I talked to him for the first time in person, several minutes before the conference, he said two things: (a) "You are paying support today". To him cut and dry. (b) "Sign the form if you want to see your daughter:"

  He refused to take the matter before a judge. I told him about the improprieties concerning testing protocol and the anonymous tip. He didn't want to hear anything of that nature.

  Opinion: As a fellow member of the Bucks County Bar, he went there that day to help clean up a mess and get a fellow officer of the court out of trouble. So, I call him Mr. Eraser. If the test results proved I was the father, went through all the trouble to have them taken, why the big push to make the test results disappear and not submit them as evidence? Any suggestions?

  The two page document below, as shown, needs some explaining. The day it was signed, the seal was not on the documents. That came two months later.

  At this point, knowing of an attempted adoption scheme under way, I wanted to get the birth certificate amended listing me as father as soon as possible. The proper paperwork must be submitted to Vital Records who issues birth certificates. It happens two ways: (a) Signing the Department Of Welfare's form or (b) having a court Order, signed by a judge, to that effect. Welfare's form is linked below.)

  After the documents below were signed, I waited for the court to send me a certified copy, with a judge's signature, so I could send to Vital Records. That was not done. The court was stalling. After two months of waiting, with several communications sent, unanswered, I went to the courthouse in person to obtain a certified copy of what was signed on 10-19-1999. The documents below, with the seal, is what I obtained two months later on 12-20-1999. (As you can see on the second page, it is a certified copy but take a look: two months later still no judge signed the agreement. (Without a judge's signature the "recommendation" witnessed and signed by the Conference Office was in limbo-land.) I argue they were stalling for time, hoping to figure out some way to make me disappear, before the birth certificate was amended.

  I make an allegation that, in short, Bucks County was doing all they could to help Donna get me out of the way to facilitate a private adoption. (A copy of both certificates will be linked below.) I believe to have presented, thus far, sufficient evidence to raise anyone's suspicions. I have more documents to display, which raises even more suspicion.

  Something else to consider. Two separate actions were filed. I filed the first and Donna filed a separate action. Look at the Docket Number and PACSES Case Number. These refer to the action I filed as Plaintiff. On 09-13-1999, the action listed me as the plaintiff. A month later, things were switched and listed me as the defendant and the child born (only) to Donna. (The action Donna filed had different case numbers which was used for "support" payments.)

  Also, on the documents below, my daughter's name is still spelled wrong. In a month's time we went from "BABY SWIRE" to "Colasurd[a]" instead of an [o]. This is not harmless error.




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Posted: 12-03-2001

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