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  Building a web site may be compared to painting a canvas. This site is just beginning. As for what is below, using modern terminology, it is the missing Bible Preface that has been removed within the last fifty years. This is a copy that appeared in a published edition in 1934. Importance? It establishes the context of the work as constructed by the translators. Interesting to point out is paragraph five. In relevant part, (a) "So that if, on the one side, we shall be traduced by Popish Persons at home or abroad. " What did they mean by that? Why has it been sanitized from the book? Anyone care? Apparently not. Continuing, (b) "...we [the translators] are poor instruments to make...Truth to be yet more and more known unto the people..." As for "truth", their work as then completed was not static. It was the best they had to offer given available position and social acceptance. During the time of their endeavors, mankind thought the world was flat: which is known as the geocentric theory. Take a look at the last paragraph, with the phrase, "The Lord of heaven and earth..." That is a geocentric phrase. To them, the "earth" was not part of the "heavens", for the "earth" was believed to be the center of the universe. Geocentric language is still with us. Example: What does the weatherman say on television each day? Sun up...[or] sun down...[at such and such a time]. Harmless?

  Relevance to this web site? I will be using this as reference several times. But for now, look at how the translators view a man they called "King", with such phrases as "most dread Sovereign". About 150 years later democracy began to infect the minds of people having a new, then radical theory of government: that the people themselves were sovereign, no longer subjects to a detached government body.

  Thought for the day: Through normal evolution and development of any society, if there never was an American Revolution, what would this country be like? Take a good look, for we live today as English subjects to a Bureaucratic Crown. We have no "rights" and there no Constitution. What "rights" do you have? You don't even have the right to sustain yourself needing a privilege to work tax. Sad to say, but the founding fathers built a sand castle on the beach that lasted but a brief moment as the torrents of bureaucratic waves swept us back.

  Over the years I have told several people at work the following: In a way I am glad that I spent over seven years in a bureaucratic university (aka "prison") for I got a glimpse of the future. For I never knew how weak minded our species is until thrust into that environment. This will be updated shortly, but for now, read the open letter to a judge, Click Here. As for the above title, a "Bible" is used as a judical prop to swear in witnesses.


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